We are almost at the midway point for Season 5 and it is time for my highly anticipated Power Rankings! Last time I did not know too much about the squads but now I got a good idea of what's good or not so good. Like my favorite artist Drake says; 'I'm Blem for real, I might just say how I feel'. Legooooooooooooo! 

  1. CLIPPERS (3-0): Clip City is Chip City for real. The reigning MVP Kris is averaging 3 more rebs and 2 more assists this season and they are lighting teams up early on. Too much defence and shooting and highlight plays. I haven't changed my stance on them. Previously: 1

  2. NUGGETS (4-0): The dark horse now look like one of the most complete teams in ETBL. They got a mix of defence, size, IQ, chemistry, passing, rebounding and leadership. Smoked the Sixers and have beaten some quality opponents. They are the real deal. Previously: 16

  3. SIXERS (3-1): This squad is athletic and versatile and will be a tough matchup for teams. Look for them to keep getting better as the season progresses. They are undersized but Adrian has been a beast on the boards for them. Previously: 9

  4. HEAT (4-0):  They could easily be at the top of these rankings but the competition has not been fully healthy when playing them. Great start for GM Billal but let's see how they fair against the elite teams who can run and gun. Previously: 2  

  5. KINGS (2-2): The Kings have played shorthanded quite a bit but once they are all there I am expecting them to be real good. Duzan has been phenomenal and he will lead this team on both ends of the floor. Previously: 5

  6. BLAZERS (3-1): They are not elite level yet but they are close. Real close. Chris Dsouza and NJ are dynamic players that can change the balance of the league but it is Rogith and company that will decide how far they go. Previously: 8

  7. SONICS (4-1): The chemistry is the best of any team. They need to prove themselves against the top tier competition and until they do I can't rank them any higher regardless of their start.  Previously: 11

  8. GRIZZLIES (1-2): Ben is a top 5 player and this team has Zanoon back. They gotta figure out some shit but once they do they are doing damage. Previously: 13

  9. PISTONS (2-2): Gohulan has been great and exactly what this team needed. He is young but got star potential. They can play defence and hustle which will always keep them afloat. Previously: 15

  10. SPURS (3-2): Lost to 2 good teams and beat 3 bad teams. They haven't played to their capabilities and I am not so confident anymore that they will have a great season. They look like a middle of the pack squad at the moment. Previously: 3   

  11. KNICKS (1-2): Adding Jay was huge as they have a franchise player and once Shaggy is back this starting 5 should be deep. Can they get the chemistry together and will their role players still be effective with less usage? Previously: 20

  12. BULLS (1-2): Shang and Tes have put up some big games but the rest of the squad has been awful. They just gotta sit in the back seats and not break anything while MTL and Tes drive the bus. Previously: 7

  13. NETS (3-2):  Nice starting lineup. Davy has carried the load on offence and they got legit bigs that rebound and set screens. Up and down so far and I expect that to continue for the rest of the regular season. Previously: 19

  14. BULLETS (1-3): Record is a bit misleading as they have not had a full squad most of the time. You got Nidun you got a shot as the Triple Double King will keep you in games but can't afford to be missing anybody as margin for error is slim.  Previously: 4

  15. MAGIC (3-3): Okay I was wrong about them being the worst team in the league. If I bought their stocks, I am definitely selling it now as this will be their high point in the season. Previously: 22

  16. PELICANS (1-3): The Big 3 haven't been able to get it going at the same time. Big win last game but it was against the Jazz. Expecting them to sneak into the playoffs but players gotta step up. Previously: 14

  17. WARRIORS (2-3): Got a lot of good ingredients but not enough spice and hot sauce. No 3peat in the books for GM Gautham and I think even he knows it as he hasn't been there half the time. Previously: 12 

  18. PACERS (1-4): Ali Nizam missed the last game but Kevin Clerigo was amazing. They need both to ball out in order to have a chance this year. Not enough depth to compete for the playoffs let alone title. Previously: 17

  19. TIMBERWOLVES (1-3): Zero Defence and all ISO ball. One of the most dissapointing teams as the talent is there on paper. That paper is being shot into the garbage right now but they probably would miss that too. Previously: 6

  20. HORNETS (1-2): Don't know when they will have a full squad and we don't even know if they will have chemistry once they do. Time is ticking on their season. Previously: 10

  21. JAZZ (0-4): Great young core of kids that could dominate ETBL in the future seasons but not now. Need the right complement of vets around them and role players. They will make games close but won't get over the top. Previously: 18

  22. LAKERS (1-3): Interesting young kids. Interesting Vets. Not so interesting games. The youth need seasoning while the vets need practice. Only win came against a severely undermanned Pistons team. Previously: 21