First recap of 2020 is gonna be a really quick one as I got hit with some sickness to start the new year. Hopefully got enough Nyquil, Tylenol and other meds in my system to keep me straight for this. All games going forward will strictly be at the Logos gym starting at 4pm on Sundays! Let's get right to it.

KINGS vs BULLS:  The opening game of 2020 was suppose to be a good one but Duzan and company made sure to keep it as uninteresting as possible. They led the whole way and besides a late push by the Bulls to cut it down to 5 points...it was the Kings dominating for the most part. Duzan was special as he makes his case for MVP. Senthu was a monster on the boards with 17 and the rest of the team played solid to great defence to hold onto this victory. 

Final Score: Kings 49 - 37 Bulls               Player of the Game - DUZAN INDRASITHU 28pts/8rebs/4asts/2stls - 58% Shooting 

WARRIORS vs JAZZ:  The Jazz were missing Louie and Trev in what was a must win game...and well...it just has not been their year to say the least. The Warriors were clearly focused on this win and they earned it the way they held down the defence especially in the 2nd half where they only allowed 7 total points! Only negative was the injury to Gobie who looked like he may have slightly fractured his wrist. Hopefully he has a speedy recovery and is fully healthy for them when it matters. They are sitting a half game out of a playoff spot with 2 games left. It is going to be a tight finish. Jazz are still winless and now will look to play spoiler for teams trying to gear up for the playoffs. 

Final Score: Warriors 41 - 23 Jazz               Player of the Game -  JAMEEL THOMPSON 4pts/8rebs/1ast/1to - 50% Shooting 

CLIPPERS vs KNICKS:  This was suppose to be the primetime matchup but the Knicks looked like they had too much holiday food and they seemed to get gassed out quickly. Going 2 for 34 from long range is definitely not going to cut it against the Clippers...they were 8 for 58 for the entire game...yeah there are no words for that. Archu was all over Jay as he continues to put in his case for Defensive Player of the Year as he held him to a season low 12 points on 18 shots. The Clips did not need their MVP to produce as Kris only had 3 points on the day but they were still able to find a way to lock it down and cruise to victory. 

Final Score: Clippers 40 - 22 Knicks               Player of the Game - ARCHU MYLVANNAN 18pts/2rebs/6asts/2stls/0to - 78% Shooting - 4 Triples 

BULLS vs HORNETS:  This was a rivalry game between friends but with Tes missing for the Bulls due to an illness...it shoulda been a huge advantage for the Hornets. They were playing with new recruits Arun and Dinash and had a lot to prove in this one. They controlled most of the game but Shang was would not give up as he kept fighting all the way to the finish. He was nailing super deep threes and attacking the basket with force. It was one of the most impressive one man shows we have seen in a while...and he topped it off with a buzzer beating triple!!! Everyone knew he was going to get the ball in that situation and he came thru clutch as he took his time and got to an open spot. Devastating loss for the Hornets. 

Final Score: Bulls 49 - 48 Hornets               Player of the Game - SHANG SINNATHURAI 30pts/16rebs/5asts - 7 Triples 

SIXERS vs LAKERS:  The Sixers were missing Abe but they still took care of business against the Lakers. Matty showed off his long range while Flash showed off his midrange and they both gunned down Somi and the gang. Sixers are solid and they haven't always had a full squad which is going to be interesting to see if they will in the playoffs. Chemistry issues might creep up if they do not get enough reps together but regardless noone will want to face them as they are going to be a tough out for every team. Their versatility and skill will be a problem. The Lakers still have a shot at the playoffs but time is slowly running out. 

Final Score: Sixers 56 - 50 Lakers               Player of the Game - MATTY BRICE 20pts/2rebs/2asts/1to - 4 Triples 

SPURS vs PELICANS:  This was a big game for the Pelicans but Javed and company were too good in this one. The Splash Brother's (Javed n Baki) combined for 37 huge points and that was almost what the Pelicans had in total. Javed was in his bag in this one as the quick one dribble thru the legs pull up was all net every time. If you are not blanketing him on the screens or on his hip pocket the whole way...he is going to get that shot off and if he is in rhythm it is going to be a long night. The Pelicans backcourt could not keep up with them and now they sit near the bottom of the standings with a few games left. 

Final Score: Spurs 47 - 38 Pelicans               Player of the Game -  JAVED AHMAD 19pts/9rebs/2asts/2stls/2blks/0to - 50% Shooting - 5 Triples 

BULLETS vs TIMBERWOLVES:  The Twolves were completely different after the trade deadline but the results were pretty much the same as they lose a big game to the Bullets. They battled the whole way and had a chance but Nidun and company made some big plays in the end to take it home. Birko Montinat made his debut for the Wolves and he was solid with 12 and 9 as his athleticism was on full display. They will need him to be a 2 way force for them to be successful while Nick, Jamshed and Ajevan need to make outside shots going forward. Anthony was dominant driving to the basket and not so dominant taking triples...if he finds his outside stroke...the Bullets will be firing come playoff time. 

Final Score: Bullets 56 - 46 Twolves               Player of the Game - NIDUN CHANDRAKUMAR 17pts/11rebs/4asts/1stl 

GRIZZLIES vs NETS:  The Grizz get a huge win and are now back in the driver seat for a playoff spot. Feels like they are in and out every week so let's see if this can get them going. The 'Big 3' of Zanoon, Ben and Abdul came to play as they combined for 57 points! They all can shoot from the outside and drive to the basket plus pull up for midrange shots which make them a tough guard for any team. The Nets seemed like they were really rusty especially Davy who airballed a couple threes which you never see from him. I expect them to bounce back in the next one. 

Final Score: Grizzlies 62 - 48 Nets               Player of the Game - ZANOON ALI 18pts/4rebs/3asts/0to - 50% Shooting - 5 Triples