We are nearing the end and we have one week left of the regular season on Feb 23rd. Some teams made statements and some solidified their place in the standings while a couple others pretty much sealed their fate. We will run through these recaps quickly to give you a gist of what happened in Week 15. Let's get to it. 

NUGGETS vs TIMBERWOLVES:  The Nuggets dominated the first half 42 to 18 but Nick and Birko were late to the party and showed up at halftime. Second half was all Twolves but not enough to make up the deficit. The real big story was that Nirsan who was great in this first half...injured his ankle badly in the first minute of the second half and we now find out that he is done for the season...damn. He was having a fantastic season averaging 16/9/2 on 50% shooting and his production is not replaceable. Just awful news for the Nuggets and I feel for them as they had a legit shot at the title. Twolves will have one game left to finish out their season. 

Final Score: Nuggets 57 - 47 Timberwolves              Player of the Game -  NIRSAN KUNARATNAM 22pts/8rebs/3asts/1to - 63.6% Shooting - 6 Triples

GRIZZLIES vs SIXERS:  The Sixers were shorthanded and the Grizz were really good in the first half. 3 guys finished with at least 15 and Zanoon especially was excellent showing alot of confidence in his game. He is always going to be the x-factor for this team and we shall see what he provides for them in the playoffs. The Sixers only had 5 but battled tough in the second half. If they have their full squad they will be dangerous in the playoffs. 

Final Score: Grizzlies 63 - 54 Sixers              Player of the Game - ZANOON ALI 16pts/3rebs/7asts/1stl/1to - 50% Shooting - 2 Triples

JAZZ vs BULLS:  The Jazz showed us what type of talent they actually have and finally got their first win of the season. They played with only 5 guys and no traditional big but Machine Gun Ganen came up huge with 20 rebounds for the undersized squad! Mithun was incredible in this one as he was making floaters, tear drops, layups and midrange shots...just took over this game against the Bulls who needed a win to stay alive in the playoff hunt. Mithun is shooting a rediculous 60% on 2 pointers this season and if he can slowly work on his 3pt game...he will be a killer. Shang struggled with his shot but still managed to put a rediculous 27/13/7 with 2 steals and a block for good measure. Incredibly dissapointing season for the Bulls.

Final Score: Jazz 59 - 49 Bulls              Player of the Game - MITHUN KRISH 25pts/3rebs/1stl/0to - 75% Shooting 

PELICANS vs LAKERS:  The Pelicans are slowly starting to click on offence and they are heating up at the right time. The 'Big 3' was outstanding...Vijay was calmly knocking down triple after triple as he has such a fluid release. The Lakeshow did not put on a show for us this season but they played hard and competed every game. A couple of small moves and they could be a threat next season. 

Final Score: Pelicans 62 - 44 Lakers              Player of the Game - VIJAY KAILAINATHAN 25pts/6rebs/4asts/2stls - 5 Triples

HORNETS vs WARRIORS:  The Hornets stole this game in the dying moments and it was a heartbreaker for GM Gautham and the crew. Up 5 with a minute left and it should have been closed out by the Dubs but some clutch plays by the Hornets forced OT. It also helped that Thanujaan fouled out on a tough illegal screen call earlier in the 2nd half which handicapped the Warriors. Arun was fantastic and showed why he was coveted at the trade deadline. Gobie was fantastic for the Dubs but now they will have to hope for some luck in the last week to get into the playoffs.

Final Score: Hornets 54 - 49 Warriors              Player of the Game - ARUN VASANTHAKUMAR 29pts/1reb/2asts/2stls/1to - 56% Shooting

KINGS vs KNICKS:  Duzan. End of the recap lol. But seriously...the kid just continues to amaze and this time he played Centre, PF, SF, SG, and PG for the Kings and somehow robbed the Knicks of a victory. At 5'11 Duzan was the tallest player for the Kings as they were missing their big men including Senthu but somehow they Houston Rockets'd Janath and company. He even led vocally by getting into the team for playing such soft defence and now he might have just locked up the MVP conversation and threw the key away. 

Final Score: Kings 56 - 49 Knicks              Player of the Game - DUZAN INDRASITHU 35pts/8rebs/4asts/1stl/2blks - 54.5% Shooting - 5 Triples

CLIPPERS vs SPURS:  The Clips stay undefeated as they used a big early lead to hold off the sputtering Spurs. Donald and Puvi needed to yell at their team and flip chairs (garbage cans in this case) to get them into the game. It worked as they started a full court press and started to turn the Clippers over. If there was ever a chink in the armour for the Clippers...it might have been a little exposed here with their lack of ball handlers. They have been running the entire season without a true point guard and once the pressure was put on by the Spurs...it was even more noticeable. Let's see if other teams start copying this strategy and whether the Clippers will be prepared for it. It is going to be a fun playoffs.

Final Score: Clippers 45 - 34 Spurs              Player of the Game - KRISOTH GNANENTHRA 17pts/2rebs/4asts/3stls - 50% Shooting 

PISTONS vs PACERS:  The Pacers season finally ends. Another loss...another forfeit. Just a miserable season and I feel for the guys on the team. Lack of commitment by some led to a disastrous finish. Pistons get to rest up and finish up the season this Sunday.  

Final Score: Pistons 25 - 0 Pacers              Player of the Game - SUGEE RAJAKULENDRAN 25pts/25rebs/0asts/25stls/25blks/25to - 25% Shooting