Week 4 was unique as we played games on Thursday and Sunday morning. Playground Durham was busy and made us reschedule so we made the best of it.  

HAWKS vs WOLVES:  The Hawks get a huge win over the undefeated Wolves on Thursday! Feisal made his debut for the Hawks and he hit some crucial three point shots that really changed the momentum of the game. Mithun and Roheel were great as they chipped in 19 each while Matt used his physicality to get under the skins of the Wolves.  I think the Wolves now get an understanding of how badly some teams want to win and what type of intensity it takes to go far in the playoffs. Josh was incredible with 11 dimes for the purple squad and he has shown the ability to be one of the premier passers in the league. 

Final Score: Hawks 65 - 60 Wolves                      Player of the Game -  FEISAL TAMIMI 14pts/1reb/2asts - 83% Shooting - 4 Triples

HEAT vs GRIZZLIES:  Heat were dominant on both ends in this one and held the Grizz in check. The biggest takeaway was how much chemistry they showed in this one. They were all encouraging each other and chanting defence throughout the game...pretty amazing to see. For an early regular season game they definitely took it very serious and showed that they genuinely root for each other. This team is coming together nicely. The Grizz have to regroup quickly as the get the Champs on Sunday. 

Final Score: Heat 53 - 41 Grizzlies                     Player of the Game -   MARKSHUN MAHADEVAN 10pts/14rebs/3asts/1stl/4blks/0to - 50% Shooting 

KNICKS vs BUCKS:  What a statement by the Knicks. An all out assault by Russia  Knicks and they did not care that the Bucks were missing potentially 3 starters. We witnessed the first official alley oop in ETBL history as Ryan and Zach connected for a beautiful bucket on the Bucks zone defence. Knicks still gotta prove themselves against a top tier opponent but this was a step in the right direction. Now we just gotta find out what GM/coach Charan does on his laptop every game lol. Bucks will have the week off to lick their wounds and come back healthy and strong. 

Final Score: Knicks 67 - 28 Bucks                     Player of the Game -   JONATHAN IBULA 12pts/7rebs/3asts/1stl/1blk/1to - 60% Shooting 

NETS vs BLAZERS:  Big first win for the Nets as they defeat the Blazers. GM Obaid got his team motivated and focused and he also led by example with a team high 13 points. Waqar played the role of facilitator perfectly as he was dynamite in pick n roll situations. Can he find that balance of being a scorer and playmaker? Can the Nets keep this momentum going on Sunday against the Raps? The Blazers meanwhile were not ready for this matchup...maybe took them too lightly...they were just a step slow to every loose ball and just didn't come with the intensity required. They get the week off to reflect.  

Final Score: Nets 47 - 36 Blazers                     Player of the Game -   OBAID FAIZI 13pts/6rebs/1reb 

RAPTORS vs HORNETS:  Raps pull out a win against the scrappy Hornets. Akin played up to his potential and dropped a 20 piece while the rest of the team chipped in and helped secure this victory. Raps almost blew the game by going 1 for 11 at the freethrow line while the Hornets went 10 for 17 respectively. Raps will take the win but still gotta play better on all facets of the game. They are missing the consistency and hopefully they can improve upon it slowly. 

Final Score: Raptors 54 - 50 Hornets                     Player of the Game -   AKIN ALAO 20pts/14rebs/1asts/2stls/2blks/0to - 3 Triples