So what happened in Week 8? Clutch wins, record setting, couple overtime games, and just about everything. Let's get right to it. 

NETS vs SONICS:  Well, look what we got here. The Nets showed some toughness and some clutch shot making to take down the Sonics in this tight affair. Omid was everywhere while Waqar was clutch from long range as he drilled 4 triples. Omid made a couple clutch freethrows in overtime and that was the difference in the game. Sonics are consistently shorthanded this season and they better hope for some reinforcements soon or else it could get ugly quick. 

Final Score: Nets 62 - 60 Sonics                      Player of the Game - OMID KHALID 11pts/16rebs/1asts/2stls/2blks

BOBCATS vs LAKERS:  Yeah, this game does not deserve a recap. But whatever, I'll just do it like the Lakers defence...all sloppy and lazy. They could not guard a pylon in this one and the Bobcats without Christian set a record for points in a game with ninety freaking six. I don't even know if the scoreboard goes up to a 100 but we almost found out. To lose by 52 is a challenge in itself. That is also a record I am pretty sure. Kalsang showed off his talents with the ball handling, shot making and defence. Allan Houston  just drilling shot after shot as he was on fire. Kareem looked like he was playing with his children out there as he pushed them around wherever they needed to go. Jay and Matthew even joined in on the fun and chipped in with 10 and 13. Five guys in double figures...top 3 guys (Kalsang, Allan, and Kareem) combined for 73 points LOL. Did I mention they were missing Christian Casimier already? Jesus. 

Final Score: Bobcats 96 - 44 Lakers                  Player of the Game -    KALSANG TASHI 21pts/2rebs/6asts/9stls/0to- 50% Shooting - 2 Triples

HEAT vs WARRIORS:  The Heat bounce back and take care of the Warriors. Warriors now have Kenneth Kailasanathan on their team and he will definitely help them once he gets into rhythm with the guys. There was no rhythm at all in the first half and it was just a grind the whole game. Witness was the only person that stood out as he drilled all 4 shots he took and every single time there was a huge ovation from the crowd/bench/scorer's table and just about everybody. I am not suprised as he is one of the most liked players in ETBL (and no he did not pay me to write this lol). He got to his spot and made himself available and confidently drilled the shots. He literally made the most amount of shots in the game and he only took 4 shots. Jeez. Warriors will look to bounce back in the next one. 

Final Score: Heat 39 - 33 Warriors                    Player of the Game -    NITHARSHAN MANORATNAM aka WITNESS 8pts/0to - 100% Shooting 

SUNS vs ROCKETS:  The Suns with a hell of a performance without their franchise player Dakoda Lewis. Everyone did the best they could on Roshane giving him extra attention and then the rest of the guys they kept in check on the Rockets. Everyone on the Suns scored, everyone pitched in on the glass and the determination to play some tough defence was evident from the beginning. Play hard, make minimal mistakes and move the ball and you always give yourself a chance to win any game. The Suns certainly did that in this one. Rockets are frustrated and yes it is easy to blame the refs but I mean you still went to the line almost double the amount of times (13 to 7). Suns got hit with way more fouls in general but at the end of they day...you just gotta play through whatever situation. Missing players definitely does not help to say the least. Let's see how they bounce back. 

Final Score: Suns 53 - 42 Rockets                    Player of the Game -   BIRKO MONTINAT 13pts/7rebs/1asts/2blks- 75% Shooting

JAZZ vs BUCKS:  This became a close battle after the Bucks battled back but fell just a bit short. Jazz keep it rolling and they did not play their best game but ultimately got it done. Bucks need to start winning asap if they still want to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Final Score: Jazz 52 - 47 Bucks                   Player of the Game -    JOVAN BAILEY  8pts/5rebs/6asts/3stl/1to - 80%

KINGS vs HORNETS:  This was a decent win for the Kings who were missing Duzan. Mr. Nishan Thurai was hitting bomb after bomb from deep and led the way for the squad with a game high 21. This is why they could be dangerous when they start getting back into game shape with different weapons on the squad. It just basically seems like that is all they need to do to really make some noise this season. Put in the work and get to a level where they are comfortable with their game. Not a team that you would want to face down the road.

Final Score: Kings 52 - 42 Hornets                   Player of the Game -   NISHAN THURAI 21pts/7rebs/2asts/1stl/1to - 5 Triples

HAWKS vs BLAZERS:  This was a beatdown as well. Hawks were smothering the Blazers early and often. Hawks were too quick and too good in this one. They move all the way up into the top 6 and we shall see if they can keep it going. 

Final Score: Hawks 67 - 25 Blazers                   Player of the Game -   ROHEEL AWAN 15pts/3rebs/4asts/5stls/0to - 66.6% - 3 Triples

GRIZZLIES vs PISTONS:  The Pistons were without Big Mike and the Grizz took advantage and held on for a nice win. Ben did great on both ends of the floor and really pushed the team through the finish line. Kendell was dynamic for the Pistons with 27 but it was just not enough in this one. Grizzlies were shorthanded as well and haven't seemed to fully have unlocked their potential but there is still time to figure it out. Pistons will look to bounce back in the next one.

Final Score: Grizzlies 54 - 49 Pistons                   Player of the Game -   BEN OKYERE 21pts/12rebs/4asts/2stls/2blks - 4 Triples

SPURS vs KNICKS:  The game of the night happened to also go past midnight as we got delayed by the kids tournament earlier. But there was stilll enough fans in the stands and place was pretty loud for a game that late. Heck of a battle between these two and the Knicks were doing really well up 26 to 13 on a made triple by Ryan Jayasinghe. But this is where the game started to turn while the Spurs were grinding away and trying to make solid plays on offence...the Knicks were just content to dribble down and make one pass and shoot. Maybe they took it easy and relaxed a bit but those quick one and done possessions ended up costing them as the Spurs slowly grinded back. Anand kept them in with his shooting and the defence by the twin towers Vman and Shawn were huge down the stretch. Ryan had a chance to run the clock down and go for the winner but he decided to pass the ball and turned it over. With his scoring and shooting ability...he definitely needed to take that final shot and make sure the Spurs don't get the ball back. Spurs played well in the overtime session and if it wasn't for Kapilan's two heroic three point makes from way deep...it would have been a much easier finish. Spurs iced it at the freethrow line. Credit to the Orange squad for never giving up and fighting till the very end. The Knicks are a dangerous team and yes they are young and inexperienced as shown in this one but once they play a little bit smarter...they are going to be a problem. Spurs remain undefeated. 

Final Score: Spurs 55 - 52 Knicks                   Player of the Game -   VMAN VINAY 14pts/10rebs/6asts/3stls - 54% Shooting