Alright folks, let's start with my overall record after the past couple weeks (37-22). I went 9-2 last week and put on a show for everybody. You know what I am saying. Now I got something special for y'all as the Commish asked me to make the predictions a little bit more spicier and I have no god damn problem doing that! I'll even spoil y'all with some extra details for your reading enjoyment. Sit back and relax as this is gonna be a good one. 


BOBCATS + 7 – This can and probably will go either way. There is a lot at stake in this game. Streaks, league MVP honors, bragging rights and everything in between. Ironically a match up of this magnitude is happening on the same day as Wrestlemania! So do you smell what the Bobcats are cookin??? They are cookin up a six-game win streak after they take care of Big Mike and the Pistons. Although, the Pistons have shown they are one of the top teams in ETBL by making a statement by not only taking down the Spurs (who where in a similar position as the Bobcats...being undefeated with a  5-0 record) but also by playing a brand of basketball that earned the respect of the entire league. As we are approaching the midway point of the season, there is a safe assumption that the MVP of the league could be coming from one of these two teams. A win by Big Mike and the Pistons could put him as the favorite to win MVP. The same could be said about Christian should the Bobcats win. To top it all off, the winner of this game gets to confidently walk around as the team to beat.


THUNDER + 25 – Both teams only have only one win the entire season. However, ladies and gentlemen, the winner will be the Thunder…… and it will not be close. This game will get ugly really quickly as Janath and company will look to send the league a message that the Thunder are back. The Thunder have bounced back in dominating fashion after dropping their first three games of the season. The Bucks who also just got their first win of the season will need to play a near perfect game just to not lose by 15. Unfortunately for the Bucks their playoff window will be closed if the Thunder win this game in my opinion. So basically I'm saying the bucks are already hearing thunder outside their window now and so just go ahead and close that window before it starts pouring on them on Sunday. The addition of Abdullahi will be huge (literally) as he will look to address a lot of the issues the Thunder had in their first three games and make name for himself. 


ROCKETS + 1 – The battle of Texas is coming to Oshawa. Two teams with amazing rosters and now let's see who comes up clutch on Sunday. Best player on the court? check that for the Rockets (Roshane). Best starting lineup? check that for the Spurs (Vijay, Vman, Shawn, Gopal, Anand). Better bench? I'll chalk that up to the red team as they have guys that could be starting on some of the teams in ETBL. Better chemistry? Easily the Spurs as they have played with each other for years and are all good friends off the court. Gonna be a good one but I got the Red Rockets taking it in a close one. 


BULLS + 8 – The Bulls are coming off a statement win by beating the Heat and are enjoying a four game winning streak.  The Warriors have tried several different line ups throughout the season and they will need to come up with the right line up to ensure they get this win. This will be a grind  it out affair and it can go either way but I will give the nod to the Bulls. The keys for the Warriors will be Chris, Donald, NJ and Baki. If these four can figure it out and play with some fire, the Bulls are in trouble. However, with the way the Bulls are playing, it is hard to see them losing with the way Shang and Davion can put up numbers.


KNICKS + 11 – The Knicks are going to run through the Raptors. Ryan, Zach, and Yannick will not be stopped and the Raptors just don't have the guys to lock them up. Big game for the Raps but the Knicks are going to trap, going to run, and going to dunk all over them. The dino's will be officially extinct after this one. 


BLAZERS + 1 – Both teams have not been playing well all season (In the NBA and in ETBL). Both teams are essentially out of the playoff picture (again in the NBA and ETBL). At this point, both teams are playing for regular season wins and I give that nod to the guy who may win the scoring title in the league, Keethan. If Keethan can drop a 50 piece in this game, the scoring title will be his for the taking. If the Lakers slow him down then they can add win #2 to their resume and perhaps have a chance to make the playoffs (just the Lakers in the NBA). 


CLIPPERS +10 – The Clippers should win this game easily as the Suns have several issues that need to be addressed. The Suns organization is not the same team it was when the season started. The reigning...defending...undisputed champions, should easily take care of a Suns team who do not have their franchise player (Dakoda) who is out for the season. I mean the Clippers also don't have that as Kris is done but the rest of the team is a well oiled machine and should win easy. 


SONICS + 4 – Both the Sonics and the Wolves have similar records (Wins: 2 Losses: 4). One of these two teams can potentially end the others playoff chances. Should the Sonics not win this game, they may need to relocate as their season has been a disappointment in comparison to last year. The Wolves are a team that is very capable but can they shut down Zaid who would be the best player on the court. Maybe Zoobee returns and gives them even more of a lift. In which case I should bump the margin to +10 lol. 


NETS + 3 – The Nets and Heat are both coming off huge losses. The Nets are currently fighting for their playoff spot. The Heat are in a vulnerable state and the Nets will look to capitalize on this. The Heat have issues including injuries to their starting unit as well as finding a rhythm on offence. After last game, it was clear the Heat issues might continue to plague them for the rest of the season. Their chemistry could also be fractured and just the overall confidence as they have had an up and down season. Hopefully, GM Witness pulls a Pat Riley and addresses it somehow.  The Heat defense is still good but offensively they need someone to step up to help Nidun and Anthony. The Nets are going to look to punish the Heat with their brand of basketball. GM Obaid will look to send a message to the league with a dominating win this Sunday. The combination of Waqar and Khalid will do whatever it takes to get their team into the playoffs and thus I am rolling with them. Perfect time to take advantage of a wounded Heat team (mentally and physically).


JAZZ +9 – The Kings are on a roll with the reigning MVP Duzan leading the charge. The Kings are coming off a major win, by beating the Warriors...whereas the Jazz are coming off a crushing loss to the Bobcats. However, the Jazz are going to take this game with the Kings relying too much on Duzan to carry the load. Look for Tristan and Jovan to dominate and make things difficult for the season 5 MVP. Jazz rebound and show that they can compete at a high level.