Week 11 has passed and stuff happened to say the least lol. Another tie game, blowouts, upsets, and more. I think it's almost safe to assume that anything can and will happen for the rest of the season. We are going to do a quick recap today. Who will make the top 16 and make the playoffs? Good luck to everyone! Let's get right to it.  

BULLS vs KNICKS :  So we had a wild ending in this one. Davion went crazy all game as he was getting buckets and was pesky on defence against the Knicks. He was making 3s from the volleyball line (wayyyy back). The Knicks were battling though and went shot for shot with the Bulls all the way down to the wire. Davion unfortunately rolled his ankle badly and had to leave the game with 2 minutes left and so it looked like the Knicks would pull this out. Ryan hit a big triple to extend the lead to four but the Bulls answered with a big one of their own and then with 3 seconds left they had to foul Tevon to send him to the line (Bulls down 1 with no timeouts left). Seemed like this would be a wrap as the Bulls did not have any timeouts left and only 3 seconds to go. But a couple crucial mistakes by the Knicks. They still had players at the freethrow line and 3pt line when Tevon was shooting the bonus. He made the first one to put them up 2 but still they did not decide to all move back to guard their 3pt line. They could have even missed the freethrow on purpose and there is no way the Bulls would have been able to make a play with 3 seconds left (that would be the only reason you would have rebounders in the lane in this situation otherwise just play it safe and guard your side). But they made the 2nd freethrow and Viji was able to make one heck of a baseball throw from the inbounds all the the way to Tes...and yessss...he nails the triple at the buzzer to send it to overtime!!! Just an absolute clutch play by both guys and they were able to squeeze out a tie when it looked like they would lose for sure. Very entertaining game and would be great to see them matchup again in the playoffs.

Final Score: Bulls 62 - 62 Knicks                      Player of the Game - DAVION PARNSALU 31pts/4rebs/2asts/5stls/1blk/1to - 5 Triples
                                                                                                            ZACHARY VIDAL-HENRY 15pts/14rebs/2asts/2blks - 50% Shooting

GRIZZLIES vs LAKERS:  Wow. What an incredible ending as the Lakers were stuck 8 with a few minutes left and they went on a run to steal a victory from the hands of the Grizz. Vishnu went into Magic Johnson mode as he was playing some point guard on offence and some centre on defence. Just a great luxury to have him to do whatever the team needs to get a victory, Lewmar worked hard on Ben and made sure he didnt get the ball on the last possession. Zanoon had a chance to win it but it was not meant to be as the Lakeshow have now won 2 in a row and gave themselves a shot at the playoffs. They were left for dead a couple weeks ago and even though GM Somi hasn't been available or their big man Nissan...they have somehow dug deep and played together as a team and they truly deserve all the praise for it. Now they have a huge game against the Warriors on Sunday. 

Final Score: Grizzlies 51 - 52 Lakers                     Player of the Game - VISHNU BALAMURALY 16pts/7rebs/5asts/3stls/1blk - 50% Shooting - 2 Triples

SPURS vs CLIPPERS:  Wasn't able to catch this game but it looked like an intense one. Physical to say the least and these two definitely have history and although the Clippers were able to grind it out...we need to see how they perform when both are at full strength. That would be a tasty matchup in the playoffs if we get it. For now the Clippers are slowly ramping up for big dance while the Spurs have taken some steps back. They still have time to get it together but this Sunday they will be facing a red hot Thunder team. The Clips will square off against the Pistons in what should be a great game as well if both teams are at full strength. 

Final Score: Spurs 44 - 48 Clippers                    Player of the Game - SUGEE MEENADCHISUNDARALINKAM 6pts/9rebs/5asts/0to - 60% Shooting 

RAPTORS vs HAWKS:  Raps shorthanded again and like we said before...they just cannot afford to be. Another tough loss to a pesky Hawks squad who just keep finding ways to win games. Roheel with a big time triple with a hand in his face down and he might have put the dagger in the Raptors season. GM Gogs just can't seem to get his team to play at a high level consistently and they better hope they can flip the switch this Sunday as they face a tough Heat squad. The Heat will be dressed in black and it may be fitting as they look to bury the Raps into the grave and finish their season. Hawks will try and finish off strong heading into the playoffs. 

Final Score: Raptors 46 - 51 Hawks                   Player of the Game -  ROHEEL AWAN 19pts/3rebs/1ast/4stls - 4 Triples

ROCKETS vs BOBCATS :  Okay, it did not take long for the Bobcats to avenge their first loss of the season by destroying the talented Rockets. Like they have done so many times before...they slam the gas in the 2nd half after figuring out what to look for based on the first half. The Cats are one of the smartest teams in the league and all it usually takes is one half of basketball for them to know what they can exploit in the 2nd half. Their conditioning is also pretty solid for as they routinely only play 6 deep and haven't had an issue getting tired. 4 guys with at least 13 points and it was led by Matthew Campbell who did just about everything for the team. It is scary how many different guys can go off and carry this team to victory and for that reason alone...they are the one's to beat this season. Rockets kept up for most of the game but ran out of gas in the 2nd half. They will look to bounce back on Sunday. 

Final Score: Rockets 50 - 81 Bobcats                   Player of the Game - MATTHEW CAMPBELL 21pts/9rebs/7asts/2stls/1blk - 56% Shooting - 3 Triples

SONICS vs SUNS:  Was suppose to be an important game for both teams but it looked like the Suns were the only ones prepared and ready for it. The Sonics were shorthanded with only 5 guys and that is just not going to be a recipe for success this season. They battled but eventually ran out of gas and now will have to work to get into the playoffs with 2 games left. The Suns played as a unit and came through huge in this one. Everyone contributed and now they have a legit shot at the playoffs. They may not have the top end talent but they might not need it if everyone keeps contributing. Whether it's hustling for rebounds or playing gritty defence...they have done a great job so far. They have a bye week this Sunday.

Final Score: Sonics 58 - 52 Suns                    Player of the Game - JESSE WILLIAMS 18pts/6rebs/3asts/1stl/1blk - 2 Triples

WARRIORS vs THUNDER:  Thunder made it rain on Sunday and now they are officially rolling. What a turnaround for the squad and they look to be legit title contenders this season. Everyone is gaining confidence and making their shots and shaking off the rust. Richard was amazing shooting 9 for 12 for 19 points and 6 rebounds. He knows when to cut and when to flash as a passer plus set good screens and do the little things the team needs. This is normally good enough for player of the game but the brilliance of Abdullahi Hashi was on display against the Warriors and he was dynamic. Just raining in 3s and there is no way anyone can block that shot with how tall he is. He was also dropping dimes and has been an amazing addition to the team. Warriors have another chance to gather themselves and make a last minute push to solidify a playoff spot. 

Final Score: Warriors 49 - 90 Thunder                    Player of the Game - ABDULLAHI HASHI 22pts/9rebs/7asts/0to - 53% Shooting - 6 Triples 

HORNETS vs WOLVES:  The talk of the town before the game was the prediction blog by Stephen A. Kellerman (a must read if you haven't already). Okay, I admit he was pretty ruthless and may have even created his own word..."trashworthy"...LOL. But if that got the Wolves going or added any extra motivation to their season...maybe it wasn't all bad? This Wolves team has talent and it does seem like just the committment issues and lack of intensity has affected them throughout the season. If they get their shit together...I definitely would not want to face them especially with Michael Mines on board. He has definitely added some firepower to their team and seems like he could be the ultimate difference maker. Him an Josh led the way for the Wolves. Josh's previous high for triples in a game was 3 and he doubled that in this game. Smooth looking shot and it was all net each time it seemed. If he can continue to spread the court for them then they will be even more dangerous. Hornets are already getting their golf bags ready as they suffered their 8th loss of the season. Micheal Kim was awesome with 25 and Akshay was a beast doing everything for them.  

Final Score: Hornets 59 - 72 Wolves                   Player of the Game - JOSH HERNANDEZ 20pts/4rebs/6asts - 58% Shooting - 6 Triples 

KINGS vs PISTONS:  Great first half by both teams as they were deadlocked at 34. The second half push by the Pistons was enough to put the King's to bed. They controlled the pace and the glass and were able to lock up a nice win against a tough Kings squad. Kendell led the way in the scoring department for Motor City with 24 as he continues to kill teams in transition. Big Mike was rediculous as usual and everyone else chipped in for a great team effort. Let's see if the Kings can bounce back against the number one team in the league. Pistons get the Clips which should be a great one as well.  

Final Score: Kings 58 - 72 Pistons                  Player of the Game - MIKE GRANT 12pts/21rebs/8asts/2stls - 55.5% Shooting