Okay folks, I went 6-2 in week 12 (Sonics/Grizz won't count since it was a tie game) and now I am 54-31 for the season. 9 games again on tap for Sunday and let's see how this season winds down. I now know who the pretenders are and who the contenders are but I will save that for another day. 


CLIPPERS + 35 – The Clippers will look to end their regular season by playing the worst one of the worst teams in the league. The Blazers have some nice pieces but pound for pound from a talent perspective, they aren’t built to compete against the defending champs. Too bad ETBL does not have a draft lottery or else the Blazers could get blown out to secure the #1 overall pick for Season 7. Blazers have a better shot not showing up and lose by 25 (forfeit loss), but if they show up, expect a +35 annihilation from the defending World Champions. No miracle can help the Blazers. I expect Keethan to do what Keethan does but I give a 0.23% chance of the Blazers winning (and I still feel that is too high). To make things interesting, if the Clippers lose, I’ll retire and ask Commissioner Kisho to hire someone else for these recaps, I’m hearing Skip Payless is looking to replace me. 


BUCKS + 2 –One team is officially out of the ETBL playoffs and the other is hanging on by a single thread of hope. I do not know how these two teams were constructed. I expect at least some roster changes this summer. I’ll take the Bucks if I had to pick but who actually cares. To both GM’s...here is a bit of advice. Look at the landscape of the rest of the league and ask yourselves what I can do to compete with the teams that have over 3 wins. Injuries and committment played a part but really look yourself in the mirror and find out if you can be a contender if that wasn't the case.


THUNDER + 20 – Two of the hottest team in the league are set to clash. We have the red hot Bulls vs the dominating Thunder. The Bulls have had a favorable schedule up until this point, however, the Thunder will be a tough matchup for them. The Bulls will slide down the standings as them being 2nd in the league is bullshit (you see what I did there). Davion and Shang are a dynamic duo but both need to be Batman in this game for them to have a chance. I expect Mr. Janath Kumar to put on a clinic and put the Thunder on his back which will lead them to a win. With the addition of Hashi and the contributions of Camren...there is no telling how badly the Thunder will win. The Thunder play a double header on Sunday, and this will be game 1 of 2. Will the Thunder go at 100% or look to pace themselves for game two once they have a sizeable lead? Tough to play 2 games for anyteam but if anyone can do it...it is definitely the Thunder.


SPURS + 11 – The Spurs are on a 4-game losing streak after starting the season 5-0. This Spurs team is not as talented as what the Power Rankings indicted earlier on in the season. However, the Spurs team is too talented to lose 5 in a row. I expect a huge game from Shawn and Vman. The Suns can clinch a playoff spot with a win and can continue their Cinderella run after losing Dakoda.


KINGS + 18 – The Raptors are outmatched in this one. Outside of Spicy P, Fred Van Vleet, Akin and Gohulan, this team has failed to produce an upper class ETBL calibre team. Men lie, women lie, however numbers don't. So before I get crucified for disrespecting the Raptors, look at the numbers and where the Raptors are. The Raptors play their last game of the ETBL season this Sunday and Duzan will put the Raptors out of their misery. Close the casket, burn the body, and dump the ashes in the trash. Kings will look to build a strong point differential to get a favorable first round match up.


BOBCATS + 30 – My Muslim brothers are going to break their fast and eat on Sunday before they get eaten by the Bobcats lol. The Nets season is going to end with a lot of “what if” scenarios. What if they had a real point guard? What if they had a superstar player? What if they played some quality defence? GM Obaid has a lot to think about during the off season and its going to start with roster reconstruction. I want to see GM Omar play and drop buckets but otherwise this will be a snoozefest.


THUNDER +18 – I want to say Thunder by 30 but I know how difficult it is to play 2 games in one day and that is what the Thunder are attempting to do. The Hawks are fast and young and will definitely push the Thunder to their cardio limit...but there is levels to this shit. Hawks are up and coming while the Thunder are amongst the elite. 


ROCKETS +7 – Sonics need to win this game. They have the talent. Rockets have just a bit more talent and ultimately will take care of business. 


WOLVES + 6 – The Commissioner informed me that the Wolves were not fond of my last prediction for them. Maybe I was harsh. They are definitely not trashworthy especially with Michael Mines on board. He is a game changer for them. They will be well prepared for the Grizz and in a must win scenario...I got the Wolves.