We are back gentlemen. Distinguished guests of ETBL and whoever else may be reading this. Season 7. So much has happened in the offseason...I mean we are at a new facility...we have a lot of new players...we have upgraded the talent to say the least which happens every season but heck this one is going to be special. I will once again do my best to predict outcomes all season long and let's not wait any longer. Let's get down to business. 


We start off season 7 with a showdown between two teams looking to gain the respect of the league. Anthony returns home to take on his former team the Heat after parting ways in the summer. It seems the Heat have moved on quickly from Anthony by giving his #11 to Artan Abdi. Safe to say there will not be a jersey swaps after the game. I expect this new Magic team led by Casper himself to bring the energy but how good they are remains to be seen. This Heat team will likely keep to their brand of basketball and play hard on the defensive side and we shall see if Zaid and company can drop buckets on the regular on the offensive side. Ultimately the Magic have a brand new team, new GM, and new players and so it might take some time to gel. The Heat will look to build off their deep post season run last season. Shamus is the biggest player in the league and although the Heat have some size on their front court...it is going to be a tough challenge to say the least. Casper and company will take care of his former team by at least 5. 


GM Shaun and the Pistons are back with primarily the same core with a few new pieces. After an impressive season six, the Pistons will look to build upon it. MVP candidate , Big Mike, and all-star Kendell will be a handful for the opposition. The Sixers (formerly the Knicks) are back and look fully loaded having added some key pieces. There is buzz surrounding this team and I think they take advantage of their youth and speed and completely run the Pistons out the building. The old Pistons guys will need to catch their breath and slow the game down while the Sixers will look to push the ball and absolutely feast in transition. Sixers are ready for showtime. 


This about to be a rough start to GM Kapi's season. Lakers got some big bodies and the Warriors do not and that means trouble for somebody. I don't think this game will be competitive but I hope I'm wrong. Does Kapi have something up his sleeve? I am sure he will bring it in this one but can the rest of the team step up to the challenge. The Lakers seem to have a nice team on paper and probably are going to do some damage especially against the weaker teams in the league. They did that last season as well and reportedly have upgraded their squad so it might be 'night night' for the Warriors. 


Ah the last game will be an interesting one. I am going to lean heavily on the reigning MVP to take care of business and I hear he has some more help this season. That means trouble for the rest of the league. Bucks improved as well so it could be a close one but they still gotta prove it to me. They were bad last season and that is the taste I have in my mouth. I got the Grizz taking it pretty easily.