Week 3 will feature 6 games and it should be an interesting one. We got a season debut, few teams looking for their first dub, and some teams looking to stay undefeated. Most teams will have jerseys and the word is that they are the best jerseys ever. No exaggeration. So now let's get down to business.


This match up is probably the finals we all should have seen last season if the Thunder and Bobcats didn’t stack the deck! You have two teams that did well last season, with mostly the same core, and two teams that have developed great chemistry. The Rockets will look to maximize the 1-2 punch of Roshane and Shang. That is right...word is they have added the former Bulls star and that makes things very interesting. The Rockets had a great off season by adding some solid pieces to compliment their team (Gopal and Anand). As for the Heat it will come down if they can slow down the Rockets talented backcourt and stop Toby from gobbling up the boards. The Rockets should prevail easily.

330PM BUCKS vs HAWKS – (BUCKS + 8)

Hawks had a heartbreaker last week and will look to bounce back. I think they will make this interesting If Yanick and company can force turnovers and get some easy buckets. But the Bucks have some young guns and their youth and athleticism should take advantage this game. 


I expect the champs to come out strong and make a point to the league that they are still the best squad. Too much firepower overall and the Grizz rely too much on one player. This would be a statement game for the Grizz but I am hoping they just keep it close. Big possibility of a blowout early and often. 

430PM KINGS vs MAGIC - (KINGS + 12)

The Magic have a brand-new team that will need to learn to play together. They cannot rely on one or two guys to get the job done. Hopefully the Magic are healthy and can make some noise but ultimately I see the Kings walking away with this one. The Kings are like a Swiss army knife. They have lots of tools at their disposal and can use the right ones to dictate the flow of the game. They have premier scorers, elite IQ veterans, rebounding machines, one on one defenders and some young guns to push the pace. In comparison on the Magic, I see some shooters and some ball handlers but not sure they have much else. GM Alvin will look to get his first official win.


To the Nets organization, I have one message for you guys. Tank for Victor Wembanyama or whoever the premier free agents will be in season 8 of ETBL. Actually, there is no draft so maybe just try and win a game. This one is definitely a game they can get if they can control Shak and make sure GM Kapi doesn't have another big game. The Warriors showed a lot of heart last game and if they do that in this one...it will be an easy dub.


After the Clippers got the beat down of the season...the Pistons might be able take advantage as the Clips still might not be fully ready this season. The Pistons to their credit took care of business and Big Mike has already put himself in the very early MVP discussion. The Pistons will likely play their zone defense and dare everyone on the Clippers other than Ajahmo to shoot. My advice to the Pistons is to not underestimate the Clippers as they have proven they can win and play at a high level (they are season 5 champions). Even if it was a pandemic championship...Clippers also have Kris who is an MVP and Finals MVP to his credit. Not to mention they have marksmen Javed and some reinforcements they picked up in the summer who will look to bring the intensity. To Clipper nation...please play hard and prove to the league why I placed you #3 in the initial power rankings.