I went 4-1 last week to bring the total to 14-7! This is the last week before the holiday break and hope everyone enjoys time with family and friends. Coming back in 2023 with a bang. The competition will be heating up and I can't wait for how it all unfolds. Jersey rule will be in effect on January 8th our first game back after the break. So remember to wear your uni's!


Hawks have struggled so far to start the season and hopefully the break will get them back on track. If Hawks lose another then their post season aspirations will looks bleak as they will have lost 3 games and will have 7 remaining. The Lakers will look to feast on the Hawks and go into the break a .500 team. Don't think the Hawks will make it competitive and Lakers win by at least 24 (RIP KOBE).


Duzan returns home to face his former team. Pacers have not looked like a title contender yet to start the season and I don't think this game will change that narrative. Kings will look to play hard and stick it to Duzan. Should we raise the former MVP’s jersey in the rafters at half time? The Pacers need that former level of play from Duzzy and not the current form (still good not great) if they want to make some noise. GM Nishan has a bunch tools at his disposal and will be gunning to slow down the Pacers. Tough to say which tools show up though and that may be part of the King's problem. Need consistency to win this season and so far they haven't shown it. I am rolling with Nidunski and company. 


Commish has informed me the Nets went out and got a very good player to help bolster their chances at making the playoffs. Listen...they can go get Magic Johnson in his prime and nothing is going to save them from getting destroyed. Guys should be even more open but the way they been shooting it...won't make much of a difference. This is your last chance Nets to prove to me that you guys can compete this season. Missing the post season in back to back seasons is going to be rough but looks like Commish will be starting a B division so there is still hope.  


This was the finals match up last season. I must admit I have been watching recreational basketball for nearly decade plus, but the drama last season was better than some NBA finals I’ve seen. A Herculean effort by Janath (and the Thunder). Undermanned and triple OT...some of the best brand of basketball I ‘ve seen. The rematch could be a preview. The Bobcats play a stacked and revamped Thunder squad but I still give the Bobcats a slight advantage. I'll give them a +2 winning margin to give them a reminder of how close the Thunder almost got them in the finals. Janath and the Thunder will look to walk in and make a statement, but it will be GM Omar that will have the last laugh. Bobcats have the physicality, shooters, IQ, and experience to get the job done. Bobcats free agent addition Arens is the real deal and along with  the rest of their veteran cast including Finals MVP Kalsang...it will be a bit TWO much for the Thunder (see what I did there).


Tough to pick as both teams need the win here. On one hand, you have the winless Magic that will be looking to get the first win in ETBL. I can confidently say, if GM Alvin does not get the job done tonight, the Magic and company will probably not make the playoffs. They have had multiple opportunities this year to secure a win and now they are pushing themselves into a corner. There was some hype, expectations, but all that could come crashing down very soon. In order to keep their post season alive, they need to get this win and even then nothing is guaranteed.  On the other hand you have the Warriors lead by GM Kapi who will also be thinking the same way. They are playing a team that is struggling and so they will look to take advantage. Shak has to be on top of his game in this one and get a little help from the crew and they should be able to pull it off. 


Interesting matchup. Good defence versus good offence. I feel like the Sixers are about to put the league on notice after this game. Bucks have will have to try and slow down Kareem and Mayo which is easier said than done. Sixers will take care of business .