6-0 in Week 11. Yes it is about time I got a perfect week and now I am an incredible 42-17 on the season!  We got one forfeit today with the Rockets not having enough players and so that is going to make this playoff picture even more interesting as the Grizzlies have a glorious opportunity to get in with a win over the Hawks today. Things are heating up to say the least. Let's work. 


This is game is on the slaughterhouse schedule...where team is getting blown out by 20 points minimum! The Heat is rolling into Motor City with the goal of winning but spoiler alert for guys from south beach...y'all getting dummied by twenty.  That’s right, by twenty! As a team the offence has dried up and GM Witness is finally experiencing a hard time with his squad after it was all gravy in the first half of the season. The Pistons are a well-oiled machine and they haven't been at their best this season but that is more due to committment rather than performance. There are levels to the game of basketball, but since the Heat cannot put a winning product on the court let me use another analogy to describe this match-up. The Heat are like the old 'Dumb and Dumber' Mutt Cutts van where they will be cute and interesting to look at but they will just make you laugh and not  be that serious. While the Pistons are like a 1967 Shelby Mustang from 'Fast and Furious' with Big Mike as the driver!  


Janath and the OKC Thunder play their only non-playoff team thus far all season. The Thunder better look to rest their stars instead of stat padding as they just want to be healthy going into the playoffs. Thunder is looking to make history at a chance to be the ONLY team in the 7-year history of ETBL to go undefeated. So many teams have come so close but could never finish the season off undefeated. The Thunder have a chance to go 8-0 after playing whatever is left of the Warriors. To the Warriors...I can’t even tell you what to do against the Thunder...slaughterhouse schedule continues...you are going to get blown out +20. 


The Pacers are going to defeat the Bucks as they are the more experienced team with just more IQ and overall size. Bucks have lost that little sizzle they had earlier in the season! 'Fear in the Deer?' Nah...'Beers and Lower Tiers' is a better phrase for them. Season 5 MVP Duzan will look to put on an offensive clinic and pick apart the Bucks.  


The Pistons are playing a second game in 1 day! The Pistons will destroy whatever is left of the Nets! +20 to be nice for the Nets but realistically +30 probably. Even if the Nets had 1 more Shabir and 1 more Neil, it will not be enough to stop Big Mike and the crew. This will not be pretty as Big Mike should feast on the inside To make things interesting, I challenge GM Shawn to go for a 50 point blowout against the Nets! Once the Pistons take care of business, the Nets will officially be eliminated from playoff contention. Pistons +30, +20 to be nice.  


As the Hawks are officially out of the playoffs, it only makes sense to pick the Grizzlies to win this one...and they should win by alot. The Hawks have proven to be a dissapointment this season but they have played better of late to be fair. Grizzlies better take advantage of this favorable match up and vault themselves into a playoff spot. Out of respect for the Hawks and a direct message to the Season 6 MVP Ben...do not sleep on the Hawks as they pulled off an upset and beat the Raptors last time. 


The Raptors have all the talent in the league to be a middle of the pack team. However, all season long you’ve underperformed been the biggest disappointment in ETBL history. Losing to the Hawks really shows that you guys are not serious and have not prepared to come to battle. Both these teams are eliminated from playoffs and so even if I get this prediction wrong...who cares. The Magic should look to close the season on a strong note.