Week 12 is in the books. 2 weeks of regular season left! We are going to make this super short and sweet as we will be working on the final Power Rankings this week. Plus, I was not in the building Sunday as I had to enjoy Family Day long weekend with my actual family and not my basketball one lol. So I am going to go mostly based off stats and the tidbits the Commish gave me. Big Sunday ahead with all the teams playing and it will be very exciting to say the least. Let's go.

HEAT vs PISTONS: Pistons look like they showed up with only 5 guys once again which has been a common theme this season. They hung around but the Heat take care of business led by Kailash who has been incredible this season. He is super young and will go through his ups and downs but he levelled up this game and showed what he is capable of. D'souza did well defensively and Keerth hit another 4 triples as he has been hot lately. 10 for 20 from long range in his last 3 games! Heat making a push for a top 4 seed while the Pistons are barely clinging to a playoff spot.

Final Score: Heat 54 - 46 Pistons               Player of the Game:  KAILASH SUBRAMANIAN  20pts/3rebs/4asts/1stl/1to - 50% Shooting - 2 Triples

GRIZZLIES vs ROCKETS: Rockets did not have enough guys available and the Grizz will gladly take the forfeit win. What a way to start the doubleheader for the Grizzly Bears. 

Final Score: Grizzlies 25 - 0 Rockets               Player of the Game:    GM ZANOON for picking the right day for a doubleheader!

THUNDER vs WARRIORS: Thunder win. Not a suprise as they have won every game so far. Hashi still yet to take a loss in ETBL since his debut in Season 6 (at least in the regular season). Arian led the way with 15 which is just unfair for another guy to come up and lead this team in scoring. Too many weapons and they just keep on rolling. Warriors need to come up big next Sunday to keep their playoff hopes alive. 

Final Score: Thunder 54 - 42 Warriors               Player of the Game:    ARIAN NEJAD  15pts/1reb/3asts/1to - 60% Shooting - 3 Triples

PACERS vs BUCKS: The Pacers bounce back and slappppp the Bucks. Ainkaran was on fire with 5 bombs and this team desperately needs his outside shooting to make some noise this season. Ton of depth on the team and they showed it in this one. If the offence clicks...then they are going to be a tough out in the playoffs. Bucks need to regroup asap as they have fallen out of the playoff picture for the first time all season.

Final Score: Pacers 70 - 36 Bucks               Player of the Game:    VMAN VINAY  15pts/9rebs/7asts/1stl - 54.5% Shooting 

PISTONS vs NETS: The Pistons bounce back with a bang in their 2nd half of a doubleheader. Looks like more guys showed up and they were able to easily pick apart the Nets in this one. Phil Cousins had a season high 22 points and the rest of the boys chipped in to destroy the Nets. Nets playoff hopes are also destroyed with this loss. 

Final Score: Pistons 74 - 39 Nets            Player of the Game:    PHIL COUSINS  22pts/1reb/2asts/1stl - 60% Shooting - 4 Triples 

GRIZZLIES vs HAWKS: The Grizzlies defeat the Hawks and are now in the playoff picture. They got what they were looking for which was 2 dubs in one day and even though it probably wasn't the way they were expecting...it all counts the same. Omar was great for the Hawks but couldn't get enough supporting help which has been a problem all season for the Hawks. 

Final Score: Grizzlies 54 - 39 Hawks            Player of the Game:   CUSEAN LEE  22pts/11rebs/1ast/1blk - 66.5% Shooting 

MAGIC vs RAPTORS: The Magic keep their playoff hopes alive with a nice win over the Raptors. They turned it up in the 2nd half outscoring them 34 to 19 and it looks like the Magic got a big game from Ruben Logeswaran! His highest scoring game was 5 for the season and so he definitely turnt up in this one and dropped 17 to desperately help the Magic get a big victory. Anthony Jeyakanthan was also dynamic and hit 6 bombs from the outside and the Magic are going to have to do it again this Sunday to keep their season going. The Raptors had a really nice game from Murtaza as he contributed in a bunch of ways (15pts/7rebs/4asts/3blks) but it was not enough once again. Let's see if they can play spoiler in the last 2 games of the season. 

Final Score: Magic 59 - 47 Raptors            Player of the Game:   ANTHONY JEYAKANTHAN  25pts/4rebs/1stl/1to -  6 Triples