5-1 in Week twelve. 47-18 on the season!!  9 games on deck for Sunday which means every team is in action as we are coming up on the end of the regular season. Let's see who makes it happen and who does not. Who is legit and who is not. Let's go boys. 


Bring out the yellow tape, call Horatio Caine, and make sure Miami Dade Police is on site because there is going to be a Crime Scene Investigation. GM Witness please leave the clipboard at home and bring some white chalk instead. GM Omar please suit up again  and make this game is interesting or otherwise the Heat might as well take the forfeit loss. In all seriousness, the Heat need to play well to make this a game worth watching. The Heat are always upset about something and so I expect nothing to change after this game. The Heat defence has been pretty damn solid all season but the offence has been questionable. If the Heat win this game (which they won't) Commissioner Kisho should just cancel the season and crown the Heat as Season 7 Champions! Bobcats have a chance to crack the top 4 and get a bye in the first round and that should be the focus for the remainder of the season. The Heat also have a chance at that (but we know they won't get it).  


The Kings are the ETBL cockroaches. No matter what happens, they still find a way to stick around and annoy the heck out of you. After losing key players Chris and Damion...the Kings are still a .500 team. After taking care of the Heat, can they do the same to the constantly undermanned Pistons! The Pistons have been a major disappointment all season. With players not showing up to games, bad losses and a disappointing team record...this team is on the verge of being a mediocre team. It really depends which version of the Pistons show up on Sunday. If we have the line up of Big Mike and Kendell and their support cast...the Kings are in trouble. If we get the usual 5 man roster then that means the Pistons might be in trouble. Kings should look to push the tempo as the Pistons like to play a 90’s style basketball. As for the Pistons, they should look to put the ball in the paint and run the offense through Mike who who will be a handful for the relatively undersized Kings. I still like my chances with the Pistons...even undermanned.


Same outcome as the 2001 NBA Finals, Lakers winning it all! Shameless plug for the ETBL Competitive league which is taking registrations and I have all the Nets players registered. Deposits due in 21 days and the outcome for this game will be plus 21 as well. 


After blowing out the Bucks, the Pacers are going to blowout the Hawks! If the Hawks beat the Pacers, I will stop writing for the rest of the season. Stephen A. will retire. But I won't have to worry about that. The Hawks aren't a complet joke and have been giving a few teams problems...just ask the Raptors. This could potentially be a good game if all the Hawks bring their A+++++ game. But this is not the dream matchup I was hoping for. More like a nightmare matchup for the fans.   


Janath and the Thunder continue their mission to go undefeated en route to the elusive ETBL Championship. GM Sujeevan is taking their team hunting and this Sunday they’ll be hunting big old Grizzlies! In all seriousness, this one could be a good one! The Grizzlies are on a two game winning streak (even though one was a forfeit win) and they have Season 6 MVP in Ben! The only problem is they play the Thunder who are on an 8 game winning streak (no forfeit wins) and they have MVP caliber players in Janath and Hashi. Will the reigning MVP Ben be the one to end the Thunder’s dominance? Will the Grizz play their best game of the season? Will co-star Cusean shine in such an important game? I am betting on house...and in this case it's the Thunder who has been taking all the money. 


Clippers are gearing up for the playoffs will the Sixers might as well gear up for the play-in. Okay we don't have a play-in but the way they are going...they might as well prepare for one next week as they could be on the brink of playoff elimination with this loss. Commish informed me they could be heavily shorthanded and in such a crucial game...it would be extremely dissapointing if the Sixers somehow missed the playoffs. Almost unimagineable. Let the ETBL drama continue.


I’ve got the Warriors +10. After Raptors loss to the Hawks...I will never pick them again in my life. The Raptors have been the laughingstock of the league. They could have Zion Williamson on the team and I would not pick them to win. They could play against a bunch of guys who are wearing snowshoes and I would still not pick them. I can never, EVER look at the Raptors the same and I do not think the Raptors themselves can ever recover from that loss. Post-season aspirations are done for the Raptors whereas the Warriors have a slim chance to make it (however it is out of their hands). For that reason, I do believe the Warriors will come out hungrier as there is a mathematical opportunity for the Warriors to make the playoffs but the Raps could play spoiler (but like I said, I ain't picking them).  


This could be another epic match-up as the Rockets are coming off a disappointing forfeit loss and the Cavaliers are coming of an exciting nail bitter game winner from front runner MVP Mines. If both teams are locked in and ready to do battle, I’ve got this as the match of the night. Two top 4 seeded teams with legit big threes. I don't know how healthy both teams are and so I give the edge to the Rockets as they have the depth to handle injuries. Michael Mines has been balling out and they will make it tough but the Rockets should win this one as they have way to many weapons at their disposal.  


Look, I’ve been covering ETBL for awhile and both these teams are not going to win a championship this season. Will they make playoffs...probably...at least one of them but they gotta start putting it all together now. We are running out of time. Bucks have been in a freefall and this is their chance to right the ship. Anthony and company have a chance to do the unthinkable and rattle off some wins to sneak into the playoffs. Can Ruben go off again? Can Kingsley lock up the Bucks best player? Can Anthony lead this group to victory? Tune in Sunday fellas.