Week 13 is over. Last week of regular season this Sunday Mar 5th. Gonna be a crazy one with so many teams in the playoff hunt. Top 4 seeds up for grabs and just a whole bunch of fun coming. Media day sessions on Sunday so get your photoshoot game on. Come early and look fresh for it. Let's go.

HEAT vs BOBCATS: Bobcats showed up late and got punished. Spotted the Heat 22 freethrows and Kailash made 16. Cut the early lead down to 7 but Heat showed determination and grit and kept the Cats at bay. Big win for the Heat as their incredible journey continues. Bobcats now have a negative run differential on the season which is unreal considering the team they have. They should get back on track against the Nets sunday. 

Final Score: Heat 52 - 43 Bobcats               Player of the Game:  KAILASH SUBRAMANIAN  24pts/1reb/2asts/0to 

PISTONS vs KINGS: Pistons grind one out with their experience and size. Got the rebounds and got to the line and that was enough to take down the Kings who are now in must win mode going into the last game of the season. Pistons can breathe a sigh of relief but will still need to step it up if they want to make some noise in the postseason.

Final Score: Pistons 51 - 41 Kings               Player of the Game:  CHRIS GEORGE  8pts/10rebs/2asts/2stls/1to - 50% Shooting

LAKERS vs NETS: I mean this game was over in the first half as the Nets spotted the Lakers a 21 point lead at halftime. Tristan was unbelievable and dropped the best line of the season. A 30 point triple double is rediculous and he showed off his talent in this one. Both teams played without subs but the Lakers just had too many vets and bucket getters. Nets will play their last game on sunday versus the defending champs. Lakers get the Magic.

Final Score: Lakers 81 - 45 Nets               Player of the Game:  TRISTAN QUARRY  34pts/14rebs/12asts/1stl/2blks- 8 Triples

PACERS vs HAWKS: Wow a 100 point game from the Pacers. Did not know the scoreboard had triple digits at Abilities Centre. They feasted on the Hawks and dropped 63 in the first half alone which is insane. Only 4 other teams scored more than that in total on sunday...They now get the Clippers which will decide if they get a bye in the first round or not. The Hawks meanwhile were just simply overmatched and they will regroup to face the Warriors in the last game of their season. 

Final Score: Lakers 100 - 46 Hawks               Player of the Game:  AHASH PARTHIPAN  22pts/2rebs/4asts/1stl/0to- 4 Triples

THUNDER vs GRIZZLIES: Winning is all the Thunder do and they remain undefeated. They are the Kings of ETBL and it will take an army to try and take them down. They all play their roles to perfection and game plan appropriately for opponents. This ontop of their god given talent and size...it is going to be an okay...see...season. The Grizz are clinging onto a playoff spot and we shall see if they can get it done against the Sixers.  

Final Score: Thunder 79 - 59 Grizzlies               Player of the Game:  RICHARD YUDITSKIY  18pts/9rebs/3asts/1stl/0to - 60% Shooting

CLIPPERS vs SIXERS: Well, the Sixers are officially in trouble now. They lose another to the Clippers and have fallen under .500 and could be knocked out of the playoffs come Sunday which would be crazy considering the talent they have. Clippers are just focused on the postseason and they keep gelling as we speak. Let's see what they do against the Pacers on Sunday.

Final Score: Clippers 81 - 62 Sixers               Player of the Game:  JAVED AHMAD 25pts/3rebs/4asts - 53% Shooting - 7 Triples

RAPTORS vs WARRIORS: Raptors of course win a game when it doesn't matter to their playoff hopes. They do however eliminate the Warriors from reaching the postseason and so that could be a small feather in their cap. Two teams that had hopes of making noise will now have to look forward to the offseason and see what they can improve.  

Final Score: Raptors 63 - 59 Warriors               Player of the Game:  TYRELL LEOTAUD 30pts/7rebs/6asts/3stls - 5 Triples

ROCKETS vs CAVALIERS: Rockets outlast the Cavaliers in overtime. Both teams missing their 2 best players and so it was an even fight for the most part. Cavs had their opportunities but the Rockets made just enough plays in overtime to steal this game. It will be all about seeding for both of these squads come Sunday and we shall see how many of their regular guys show up. 

Final Score: Rockets 57 - 55 Cavaliers               Player of the Game:  ANAND MISTRY 29pts/8rebs/3asts/4stls - 3 Triples

MAGIC vs BUCKS: Bucks are in shambles. They started off nice and now are in a recession. They have one more opportunity to punch their ticket into the playoffs against the Kings but the way they are playing it does not look good. Jerome was missing which does not help but credit the Magic for just flat out playing harder and more hungrier. The Magic started off terrible and now have put together some nice wins to give themselves a shot to get in the playoffs. They have an incredible +10 run differential which is better than the 5 teams ahead of them. Do you believe in Magic?

Final Score: Magic 63 - 41 Bucks               Player of the Game:  KINGSLEY YEBOAH 10pts/14rebs/3asts/1stl/1blk/1to - 50% Shooting