6-3 in Week 13. 53-21 on the season which I am more than happy with.  9 games again to finish off the regular season on Sunday. We got 5 teams battling for the last couple playoff spots and so it is going to be a crazy day to say the least. Playoff dates and times will be posted on the home page. Highest seeds get choice of timeslots first. Let's get down to business. 


Two non playoff teams do not deserve a write up but I will do it one last time for the culture. Both teams have nothing to play for and both teams will have to figure out what they need to do in the offseason to come back and compete with the big boys. The competitive division is also opening up soon and so that could be another place for them to make some noise and I believe they can. To the entire Hawks organization, you guys have battled tough and shown up to play for the most part and I respect that. The first season can be a learning experience and I am sure they have been taught alot. Warriors had their moments and have a solid amount of talent. Sabit and Walshak really gave this team nice size and presence but maybe a full season of those guys would have led to more wins. Good luck two both organizations next season and it was a pleasure covering in depth analysis for both teams. .  


Two ELITE powerhouse teams go at it. If the Rockets all show up, we potentially have the game of the night! Janath and the Thunder have a chance to make ETBL history and be the ONLY team in the rich history of ETBL to go undefeated! That’s right undefeated. The goal of the Thunder has been clear...Championship or bust! Should the Thunder comfortably rest their guys as they have secured the #1 seed or try and make history? If I was a betting person, I’d say the Thunder are going to make history in style and go undefeated on route to a championship. Yes, you heard it here first...Season 7 Champions are the OKC Thunder. Rockets have the talent to spoil the Thunder's undefeated season but alot of questions about the availability of their guys has toned down the expectations of their team. Rockets need to win this for seeding purposes but it's not going to happen against the kings of ETBL.


Hopefully all the Bobcat players show up on time and dressed to go. We get it...you guys are the Champs but noone is bigger than the game. The Nets have nothing to play for as they have officially been eliminated from the playoffs and the Bobcats will be ready to feast on whatever is left of the Nets! To the Nets. I challenge you guys to play hard and just show up on time and maybe that will be enough to beat the Cats. The Bobcats could also finally come in with a chip on their shoulder plus a full squad and go nuclear on them...but we haven't seen that all season from them. 


Win or go home. Well that is true for the Bucks...but the Kings could still possibly get in with a loss. But to be safe let's try and get the win, am I right? I am not sure on this one to be honest. Both teams just all over the place this season. So many ups and downs...more downs of course but all it takes is one good performance to forget all that. That is what we need in this one. Who the f*ck wants to step up? Who will ignore the refs and just focus on the game and what they can control. If you held a gun to my head I am probably leaning Bucks by an antler. Kings have shown some resiliency but I believe this could be the end of the road for them. 

5:30 LAKERS vs MAGIC – (LAKERS +14

Unless something crazy happens, the Magic are finally going to be put to rest. This Magic team has been mostly dissapointing this season and deemed a failure if the Magic do not make the post season. All the preseason hype for this team to be a contender...dissapeared. Lakers will look to make some noise as this game will be important for seeding purposes! If they show up ready and fully healthy then they should take this easily. To the entire Magic organization, it’s win or go home. Magic will look to play this game as if their in the 2009 NBA finals...but same result will occur as with Lakers winning!


Probably the MOST IMPORTANT game of the night for two teams having so much riding on the final day of the season. Both teams have an identical team record, similar point differential and a loss can send both franchises out of the playoffs. What a disaster this would be for both teams. First for the Grizzlies, Season 6 MVP Ben would take a hit to his ETBL legacy. How does someone win league MVP honors and fail to bring a team back into the playoffs? I get injuries were key this season but noone is going to remember that when we look back at the seasons. Next, let’s turn our attention to the Sixers! All that talent, Mayo, Ryan and Kareem, Delly, and Malcolm and we still cannot figure it out and make the playoffs? I am honestly and rooting for both teams as I have nothing bad to say about either team. It was a pleasure covering both teams but I am anticipating saying goodbye to the Grizzlies. However, if reigning MVP can knock off this Sixers team (out of the playoffs, potentially), the Grizzlies would be a scary first round opponent for a lot of teams.  

6:30PM HEAT vs RAPTORS – (HEAT +10

Let me start off by giving some credit to the entire Heat organization. What a run for Heat! You guys have an opportunity to win and secure a top 4 seed even if the Commish gifted you guys an easy opponent in the last week of the season. But you guys should have lost to the Bobcats and this would still be a well earned acommplishment (regardless of all the breaks they got). The initial power rankings had the Heat at number 12 and they have an opportunity to be a top 4 seed with a win against the Raptors. What is happening in south beach cannot be ignored. Raptors could show up and play spoiler of course but I don't think so. With they way the season has been going for the Heat...Raps show up with 5 and three of them have winter boots on. 


Season 5 MVP in Kris vs the Season 6 MVP in Duzan. This should be a good one! Both teams have secured playoffs and both teams are some of the elite teams in ETBL. Should the Clippers win this one...they cement the #2 seed! The Pacers have the opportunity to secure the #2 if they win and if the Rockets win. This would be a good test for both teams! Let’s see what happens. I’ve got the Clippers as they are former ETBL world champions and have more elite level players. The Pacers have the depth and have some nice momentum but I think it ends here.


I’m giving the edge to the Pistons because they have the big size advantage. Pistons team will 100% be a problem if they figure out their shit but they have been coming up short...short on bodies. So if that happens again...the young Cavs will outrun them.