We are here ladies and gentlemen. ETBL Quarter-Final action and we got some great games! It is going to be an exciting Sunday to say the least at the Abilities Centre. Commish is working on an Awards Nominee list which will be published soon. All-Star Fest in April but let's get to work now.

3:30PM KINGS vs THUNDER – (THUNDER + 25)  

The Kings have had an impressive season. However, their magical season ends against the Thunder! The cockroaches of the league are finally about to meet the exterminators of the league. Janath and the Thunder are going to clean up the mess on court 2 because there will be blood everywhere...and none will be from the Thunder boys. GM Nishan is going to have to be at the top of his coaching game if there is going to be a miracle. The Kings have great guard play with David and Damion but they are going to be facing some tall trees all game long and there is no substitute for size. Good season though Kings. See you in the fall.   


Season 5 MVP Duzan been on a tear as of late and has secured his team to a top 2 seed and no one really saw this coming. The Pacers are well rested and will look to take on the Sixers in what will be a great match up. This can go either way! Sixers have All-Star and MVP candidate Mayo who has been incredible this season. If the Sixers want to go far they need everything from their All-Star duo (Mayo and Kareem) plus a likkle somethin from RJ, ahlie? The Sixer man dems betta step up and not cheese me or else this finna be a Pacer flex all game. So please fam...let's all ball out and make this game exciTING! Pacers defence has been great and they got a couple all-stars as well so I will ride with them since defence wins championships.    


This will be the match of the night! You got the defending World Champions taking on the Clippers. I am giving the edge to the Bobcats because of their championship pedigree. GM Omar and the Bobcats are going to take out a legit contender in the Clippers. This win will not only make the final 4 interesting, but also should make the Thunder worry a tad bit. All eyes will be on this match. If the Clippers can beat the defending champs...the Clippers are then the biggest threat to the Thunder. I just don't see that happening as the Bobcats just have the deeper team with more assassins on it. 


This is a rematch of last yearsQuarter-Finals. Last year, the Rockets upset the Pistons and advanced to the final four. This year I am going with the Pistons because they gonna have that chip on their shoulder. One year later and the Pistons are still organized and solid. Congrats to big Mike and Kendell of the Pistons for making the All-Star game and unfortunately...no Rockets made the All-Star game (Dinjiyl didn't have enough games to qualify). But Din is going to be the biggest factor in this game. Can he carry the load and really put pressure on the Pistons both from outside and inside? Will Roshane and the others know when to push the pace and when to settle it down? Their offence is dangerous but they did not end the season as expected and for that reason I am leaning Detroit.  Both teams had their fair share of commitment issues, but with the way the Pistons are playing as of recent...Houston we got a problem!