The Finals are upon us. Clip City versus the OKC for all the marbles. Two of the best squads in the league face off and while one team is talented and deep...the other might have the best player on the floor (Ajahmo). So it makes for a compelling game to say the least. I have seen a lot of leagues and their competition but I am going to say that this ETBL title might be the hardest win out of all of them. Due to the sheer number of teams in one division plus the new stars that join every season. And the biggest factor of them all is how hard teams play in ETBL compared to other leagues. The defensive intensity especially in the playoffs is incredible and the attention to detail is next level. Not all teams are like this but the serious ones are for sure. Let's end this season with a bang. 


One year ago, the Thunder took a heart breaking loss in the finals in a triple overtime game! To make matters worse they lost by a single basket (Kalsang triple from the corner at the buzzer!). Since then, Janath and the Thunder have been on a mission to make a statement. One year later, the Thunder are not only undefeated but also the hottest team in the league. The big four of Janath, Hashi, Camren, and Nabil have been sensational. The role players have all bought into the Thunder system and all contribute weekly. On the flip side, we got the Clippers who had a rocky season last year. They went from being called the 'Bubble Champs' (winning the chip in Season 5 after COVID temporarily shut the league down) to getting bounced out in the Semis a year later. The Clippers have an opportunity to silence the haters and be recognized as a dynasty. Winning this Sunday would mean 2 championships in 3 seasons which is hella impressive. They have an uphill battle as they got smoked in the regular season...getting dismantled by 30+ points to the Thunder. That was the opening game of the season though. The dynamic duo in Ajahmo and Kris have been incredible but not entirely perfect. When we see this duo play together they do not have the same chemistry as a lot of the other duos in the league. A lot more isolation basketball which will NOT work against the Thunder where they are both just watching each other play. Neither has been a stalwart on defence which will just put more pressure on the rest of the guys. GM Randy will need to utilize these role players/bench players rather than have them as glorified male cheerleaders for them to have a shot on Sunday. Just so much size and length on the Thunder and guess what...I have not bet against them all season and there is no way in hell I will bet against them now. There will be a coronation this Sunday and it will be for the men in blue. Peace out.