Sorry folks, I have been on hiatus but that's because I wanted to watch some of the games first in order to make informed opinions on these previews. We are heading into Week 5 of the season which is pre-midway point for some teams as this is an 11 game regular season. I will also give my prediction on who I think will win this weekend's games along with the Commissioner's pick!

SPURS (0-4)


  • Spurs are the only winless team in the league but in the wildcard race they are only 1 game back of a playoff game.
  • The issues with this team are chemistry and shot selection. Opponents are taking advantage of their miscues. Roy and Dylan need to step up their playmaking in the clutch as the last couple of games were close.
  • Pirasaanth (10ppg/8.3rpg) and JT (10.5/9.5) need to be a force down in the paint as they will have the advantage on the block against Andrew and Nisan.
  • Grizzlies are coming off an 18 point loss to the Nuggets and scored only 27 points in the contest with Anthony scoring 15 of them. Grizzlies have to obviously put more points up.
  • Take care of the ball; Grizzlies committed 20 turnovers last game. Anthony needs to pick and choose when to score and when to facilitate.
  • Supporting cast has to step up. Vimal, Andrew, and Chandru are key players and they definitely have to score more than 1 basket each in order to win.

6IXFAN Picks: Spurs
COMMISH Picks: Grizzlies


JAZZ (2-1)


  • The spirited comeback win against the Bulls showed why they are the defending champs. The ball pressure was critical and it also will be against the loaded Twolves squad.
  • Who will Yaga guard this game? Will it be Manveer or Thuva; both have the ability to drop 20-30 points in a game
  • Best supporting cast in the league. They are unheralded but Jenush, Sayon, and Joseph wear your front court down throughout the game and look for that to be a factor against the Wolves.
  • Manveer is the perfect complement to Thuva and he dropped 29 point in his  last game against the Pistons. He is averaging 19.3ppg but let’s see what he can do against a stingy aggressive Jazz defense.
  • Ragu Ravin vs Demone Lewis. Ragu will probably get the assignment to cover the 2 time champ. How will GM Suthan plan to guard him in the game?
  • Manish vs Zaid. Two of the best 3 point shooters in the league going head to head.

6IXFAN Picks: Twolves
COMMISH Picks: Jazz


BULLS (2-1)

LAKERS (1-3)

  • Coughed up a lead to the Champs and hopefully poorly executated late game situations don't continue for GM Billal. 
  • Fasel Ali dropped 19 points on 7 of 13 shooting and he will benefit from the Lakers not having a great interior defense.
  • Look for Wilbert to create space for his teammates with his effective screens but the bulls will need to have better shot selection in this one.
  • GM Rahul with the 1st 'W' of the season and looking to continue the winning ways and stay out of the basement.
  • Sarwar and Ara looked to be the only offense against the Spurs last week as they combined for 29 of 45 points.  Rahul will need LiShin to step up in this game to have a shot at winning
  • Lakers need to gang rebound; Bulls are a big team and will look to punish them on the glass. Rahul will have to use his energy and high motor to help control the glass. 

6IXFAN Picks: Bulls
COMMISH Picks: Lakers




  • Tough loss against the Warriors as they could not figure out how to effectively beat the zone.
  • Harrison needs help as he scored 21, albeit inefficiently. Somi scored 2 points for the second time this season and they obviously lost both those games. He will need to hit some shots along with Hari to have a chance.
  • Raptors need to step up their defense as they are not boxing out and not communicating but I expect  improvement there.
  • Celtics blew a lead yet again and this time it was to a shorthanded Blazers team which should have been a big win.
  • Abdul Wahedi was lights out for 75% of the game but then tailed off and finished with 20 points. He needs to be consistent throughout the entire game.
  • A 3rd scorer anyone? Jasinthan is the reigning MIP but he needs to score to keep defenses honest but likely will have his way against the Raptors supporting cast.

6IXFAN Picks: Celtics
COMMISH Picks: Celtics




  • Kisho doesn’t believe in them yet but they are the only undefeated team remaining and coming off a bye week.
  • Javan Whittle is a MIP candidate as he is shooting 53% from the field so far this season. He looks relaxed and knows where his shots are coming from.
  • The 6th man of the Year, Sam, has become the 3rd scorer for the Bullets averaging 9ppg. Patrick adopting 'the whole is greater than the sum of its parts' mantra which  has been working.
  • Asok's 11-2 run against the Raptors was something to watch and really gave the Warriors alot of confidence. Asok may continue his tear against the Bullets' bigs as he is averaging 18ppg and 11rpg per game this season.
  • Hari for 6th man as he has been a sparkplug for the Warriors this season. He dished out 6 assists last week and has been instant offense in this mini 2 game win streak.
  • Jeffery and Anujan were the heads of the snake in the 2-3 zone. They were disrupting and causing turnvovers from the Raptors ball handlers and just overall forced tougher offensive possessions from them. Look for this on Sunday as well.

6IXFAN Picks: Bullets
Commish Picks: Warriors




  • Character win last week against the Celtics. NJ, Vijith, Nishant form a nice 'Big 3'. GM Annojh chipping in on the glass.
  • Look for the Blazers to drive to the hoop as the Pistons are small with very little rim protection and if not kick it out to their shooters.
  • GM Annojh is currently second best rebounder on this team but can he keep this up? He is averaging 8 rebounds per game!
  • To avoid going 1-3, they need a rejuvenated Usamah for this one.
  • The point differential is hurting them and GM Sugee needs to see his team show some fight. They acquired Sanam and Suhi which will hopefully jump start the their season.
  • Can the Pistons keep up with the real run and gun team of the league?

6IXFAN Picks: Blazers
COMMISH Picks: Blazers