Another week of exciting basketball with some great matchups! The Blazers are now sitting on top of the ETBL universe and we shall see if they can finish with the top spot. 



  • Warriors on a 3 game win streak and are coming off a bye week looking to continue their winning ways.
  • Amit has been getting better as the season goes along averaging 13 ppg and 6 rpg. He will be key.
  • The Warrior bigs will have the stretch the Grizzlies defense in this one making them guard them on the perimeter.
  • Anthony will need to have better shot selection and get his team involved.
  • Grizzlies need to contain Warriors best player (Asok) as he is a matchup nightmare.
  • Nisan with questionable defense last week. Coach Vimal will need to control his emotions so he can control the glass.

6IXFAN Picks: Warriors
COMMISH Picks: Warriors



  • Harrison and Thileep pick n roll is what we should see. They were playing great basketball and the Lakers couldn’t defend their plays.
  • Thileep holding it down on the glass with 10.5 rpg and he will need to as the Twolves are a good offensive rebounding team.
  • Raptors have the guard advantage and they need to exploit that in this matchup
  • Twolves coming off a tough loss to the Nuggets dropping them to 3rd spot in the standing and a loss here can make them tied with the Raptors
  • Ragu vs Somi is the battle of brothers but we shall see if Ragu is able to suit up for the Wolves. 
  • Manveer will have his way (19.3 ppg) with the smaller Raptor forwards and continue his MVP type performances.

6IXFAN Picks: Twolves
COMMISH Picks: Twolves 




  • Team Karaoke stands atop the standings with great ball movement and gang rebounding playing at peak level.
  • Nishant is averaging 10ppg this season and is showing more confidence as the 3rd option. He will be the x-factor as he will get tough assignments
  • Vijith has to knock down his shots to keep the defense honest and he will be dueling with his 3pt adversary Sen.
  • GM Ray will come prepared as this is basically a #1 seed game for this squad. The schedule gets easier for them after this game.
  • Dwayne Lubin continuing his strong play after a 15/9 outing and that will continue against a smaller Blazers squad
  • Chris Searles will be licking his chops against an undersized Blazer team as he had 19/13 last week. Look for the Nuggets to excel down low.

6IXFAN Picks: Nuggets
COMMISH Picks: Blazers

BULLS (3-3)


  • Bulls what a comeback against the Spurs led by Jeron with 24 points and a triple double from Nishan.
  • This is what the Bulls envisioned last year with Anthony but Nishan is now the replacement and they have a Big 3 that is all producing over 10 points per game
  • Look for the Bulls to stymie the Celtics offense with their 2-3 defense. GM Billal knows this is an important game, a loss could put them back into Wild Card position
  • Celtics with another impressive win over a supposed contender in the Grizzlies. Celtics have their own big 3 going with Umaraj, Abdul, and Randy who are all averaging over 10 ppg
  • Jey will be huge in this game being a rim protector, altering shots, and controlling the glass against a good offensive rebounding team
  • A win here can catapult the C’s into the top 6 contention and oh how sweet that would be after the ridicule they took for trading away the #1 pick

6IXFAN Picks: Bulls
COMMISH Picks: Celtics 


LAKERS (2-4)

  • Cellar dweller Pistons are coming off a forfeit to the Jazz; smart move by Sugee for forfeiting or the score would have been disastrous.
  • Sanam's play looked promising with 9 rebounds in a half. Can he be the big they need?
  • Will the real Uzi show up? He is a fiery competitor as we have seen it. He needs to do it all for this team by scoring, passing, and helping out on the glass
  • Rahul frustrated by the lack of calls but he needs to keep his composure for this team to succeed
  • Brendan Ferguson with a double double last week and look for him to dominate against the Pistons interior.
  • Sarwar will be back this week and it's him that lets all the other pieces fall into place as he is averaging 13pp/5rp/3apg. Lakers will need to jump on the Pistons early to get back in the Wild Card Race

6IXFAN Picks: Pistons
COMMISH Picks: Lakers 


JAZZ (3-2)


  • The Champions are rolling again with a forfeit win. They are now 3-2 and back in the hunt for a top seed. They did struggle against Pistons for a bit without Demone however.
  • The Jazz will need to apply ball pressure which they have the ability to do with Demone and Yaga. They will create turnovers as Bullets really do not have a trusted ball handler.
  • Nathaniel has been a pleasant surprise as he is top 20 in three pointers made. 
  • Bullets with another stinker against the Blazers and that’s now 2 in a row. Patrick needs to stop the bleeding with adjustments. Teams have caught up and they look like pretenders right now but a W against the champs can change things.
  • The Bullets Big 3 have been producing but the supporting cast is struggling. James Arakill had a hot start and now has fizzled. I wonder if it was because of defenses weren’t locking into him.
  • Javan / Tharu will have to dominate the interior against a physical frontline Jazz.

6IXFAN Picks: Jazz
COMMISH Picks: Jazz