As you look at the standings, you can see the league starting to display its true standings but there are still 4 weeks left in the season. Who will grab the top 6 seed and who will make the Wild Card Round is still up in the air.


JAZZ (4-3)

  • Anthony carried the Grizzlies on his back with an ETBL record 50 points which puts them 0.5 game behind the Bulls for the final wild card spot.
  • Grizzlies need to keep their pace of play up and it has been effective as they need to outscore teams. 
  • Nisan is doing the dirty work and had another double digit rebounding effort.
  • Jazz with a tough loss to the Raptors last week. Poor shooting 17//57 while allowing the raptors to shoot 50%!
  • Look for Yaga to defend Anthony and see if he can slow the etbl leading scorer.
  • At 4-3 the defending champs are in danger of falling into the wild card slot if they lose another one. GM Sayon needs to motivate this team and have some sense of urgency.

6IXFAN Picks: Grizzlies 
COMMISH Picks: Jazz



  • A gritty win over the Celtics and GM Ray chipping in to his own cause with a couple 3pointers
  • Nuggets are looking like the most complete team as of right now. Any game, any player can have a impact and last week it was Sen.
  • Dwayne and Chris Searles should have an advantage against the Bullet bigs and they will have second chance opportunities
  • Bullets are coming off a big win over the Spurs to stop a 3 game losing streak.
  • Javan Whittle continues his strong play with 13 ponts and 12 rebounds. Sam with 12 pts
  • Bullets will need to play defense against a strong Nuggets team. They need to close out on shooters like Sen and Ray and contain penetration with Evan and Glenn.

6IXFAN Picks: Nuggets  
COMMISH Picks: Nuggets 

BULLS (3-4)


  • Bulls allowed 74 points against Grizzlies and 50 of them were from one player. It is equivalent to a Kobe 81 in a runtime league.
  • Bulls are only 0.5 game ahead for the last playoff spot. They need this win and GM Billal's leadership is needed.
  • Bulls will need to stop Manveer and Thuva to have a chance in this game. Make Manveer a driver and Thuva a volume scorer. I know it's easy to say and hard to do.
  • Bye week previously for Timberwolves which was well deserved for GM Suthan who played his most minutes in ETBL history.
  • Timberwolves 0.5 game away from 1st and winning out with a good point differential can get them there.
  • Timberwolves will need to contain Nishan this game after getting 50’d on him. Look for Nishan to come out aggressive.

6IXFAN Picks: Twolves 
COMMISH Picks: Bulls 



  • Raptors with a big win over the defending Champions and have their eyes set on a top 6th seed.
  • Somi with a double double (23 and 11rebs) which is much needed for Raptors to contend.
  • The Raptors have the pieces to beat the Blazers. Thileep is the biggest guy on the court, he will need to dominate the paint and makes hard rolls to the rim.
  • Uncharacteristic loss to former Blazers GM Rahul
  • Vijith carried the load with 23 points but subpar perfomances from Nishant and NJ made this game a tight one.
  • Blazers will need to stop Harrison as he is the head of snake for Raptors. You stop him and you have a good chance at winning. They will need keep Thileep off the glass.

6IXFAN Picks: Raptors
COMMISH Picks: Blazers


SPURS (0-7)

  • Pistons received another tough loss after great play from their whole team but could not execute at the end and it looks like they are heading towards the lottery.
  • They have an outside chance of still contending for a wild card as they have to run the table run and get help from other teams. Can GM Sugee lead them?
  • They will have to run and gun against the Spurs to beat their bigs down the court. They have the personnel but can they execute?
  • Another loss leaves the Spurs out of the playoffs and first team to be eliminated in Season 3.
  • Dylan was the bright spot last week as he scored 14 points.
  • Spurs can get their first win if they pound the paint and spread the ball. Pistons struggle defensively when there is ball movement. Roy and Dylan will have their chances.

6IXFAN Picks: Pistons
COMMISH Picks: Spurs (easily)



  • Warriors are currently the hottest team in the league with 5 straight W’s
  • Bahee with an 8/8/6 line last week; playing the point forward role for this team. He banked the go ahead 3 against the Pistons. He is trending upward.
  • Warriors with a full team should exploit their quickness advantage against the Celtic bigs. Asok vs Abdul will be a good matchup to witness as both have similar games
  • Celtics tough loss to Nuggets and it doesn’t get easier with the Warriors.
  • Abdul Wahedi struggled last week with a 7 and 8 game and look for him to bounce back.
  • The Celtics will need to learn to how to beat the zone as that’s what the Warriors will play. Jey will be key as the guy in the middle. Look for Jasinthan to have a positive game as he will be key against the zone defence of the Dubs.

6IXFAN Picks: Warriors
COMMISH Picks: Warriors