The last week before a long break then the final set of games and we could possibly know the 10 qualified teams for ETBL Playoffs Season 3.  Every matchup this Sunday will have some sort of meaning as it could mean clinching a playoff spot or possibly playing in the wild card round!


JAZZ (5-4)

  • Blazers with a display of a dominance over the Spurs with 4 people. They are confident to close the season as the #1 seed.
  • NJ will finish top 3 in scoring and has lived up to the #1 pick hype but is he the MVP Front Runner. He can put the exclamation point against the one of the best defensive guards Yaga.
  • Annojh has had everything gone right this season with his 'Big 3' and the team gang rebounding as they looked poised for a deep playoff run. They must shut down the Finals MVP Demone.
  • What a game played by the Jazz...no bigs no problems as they executed the Warriors by 24
  • The Jazz hit 10 Triples last week against the Warriors and they are finding their rhythm
  • Joseph Le continues his glue guy role with an astounding 7 offensive rebounds as he gives his team extra possessions. Thannojh and Zaid are providing the support scoring needed for Demone. They will have to stop Blazers transition game.

6IXFAN Picks: Blazers
COMMISH Picks: Jazz 



  • Grizzlies with a huge win over the Timberwolves and one more win would assuredly guarantee them a Wild Card spot. GM Vimal is in good position after winning 3 in a row.
  • Nisan with another impressive line of 19 pts and 15 rebounds as he controlled the paint and was a force.
  • Andrew V. got the last laugh against Manveer….Karma.
  • The Grizzlies will need to play good defense against the initial pistons offensive attacks because they take questionable shots and struggle to finish around the rim. Anthony and Vimal will have to be key in defending Suhi and Usamah. This is their last game of the season and a W can help their cause.


  • Blowing a 10 point lead with 5 minutes run time hurt their already slim playoff chances. Usamah with a questionable last minute shot for the win.
  • 0 FT’s showcases the Pistons great shooting last week but hopefully some calls this week.
  • Suhi has been a great add for the Pistons putting up double digit figures the last 2 games with 10pts and 15pts.
  • The Pistons will need a team effort from everyone like last week but need to keep composure
  • This is it Pistons fans (Commish) if the Pistons lose they are out and the former Piston based teams (Bullets and Raptors) rejoice :)

6IXFAN Picks: Grizzlies
COMMISH Picks: Grizzlies 

BULLS (3-6)


  • What a tough loss for GM Billal and the Bulls as they are now on the outside looking in to the playoffs with a must win game against the Raptors.
  • Nishan is doing his part as he had 36 pts and 9 rebounds and is putting his team on his back but some questionable shots by his supporting cast during the final stages of the game against the Bullets
  • Bulls will need to bully the ball down low with Fasel and Jeron. Micheal Manansala will be key from the perimeter
  • Raptors are coming off a bye week and now are in a position to clinch a playoff seed or a wild card spot at least.
  • Harrison has been a delight this season and lived up to expectations as a first round pick averaging 21ppg, 5rpg and 3 apg and will finish in top 3 in scoring this season.
  • Raptors will need to slow down Nishan as he is playing at a high level these past couple of games and if they can do that, they will have a good chance at winning.

6IXFAN Picks: Bulls
COMMISH Picks: Bulls


SPURS (0-9)

  • Nuggets coming off an exciting come from behind win against the Pistons and trying to keep pace for first place.
  • Dwayne Lubin with a clutch basket for the win; Chris Searles with a 16/11 performance. Nuggets were owning the boards with second chance opportunities.
  • This is a good matchup for Nuggets as they matchup with the Spurs bigs evenly. The key here will be the Nuggets guards with Glen, Evan, and Sen taking advantage.
  • Officially eliminated and playing out for pride but the 5 on 4 power play and being outscored was a sight to behold.
  • Dylan T 12.9 ppg
  • JT 12.9 rpg
  • Roy 3.7 apg
  • Spurs will need to keep grinding like they always do and keep it close.

6IXFAN Picks: Nuggets
COMMISH Picks: Nuggets


LAKERS (4-5)

  • What a character win for the Bullets and Javan Whittle with a big 'and1' to win the game and they are possibly in the driver seat for a top 6 seed.
  • James Arakill with 23 pts and 7 triples to pace the Bullets. This performance was much needed and he will get his opportunities against the Laker guards.
  • Both teams play similarly as they do not have a primary ball handler and they handle it by committee. Look for Javan and Sam to take it to the hoop.
  • The Lakers were blown out by the Celtics and they have to erase the memories because they need this win to secure a playoff spot.
  • No energy means no win. Ara has to lead this team with his basketball IQ. GM Rahul is usually full of energy and not sure what happened. Plus giving up 65 points won’t cut it
  • Look for Lakers to disrupt the ball handling of the Bullets. Offensively they have to ride with their scoring by committee approach. LiShin and Sarwar need to play better.

6IXFAN Picks: Lakers
COMMISH Picks: Bullets



  • The 6 game win streak snapped but was it a 'schedule loss' or does this loss expose the Warriors who were beaten by 24 against the champs in a finals rematch.
  • The chemistry was not there in this one as there was disagreements between players. The body language was not good and execution of easy bunnies was non-existent.
  • Gopal taking only 4 shots as his play has been erratic this season, he will be needed to get this team in for a deep playoff run.
  • Warriors will need to shutdown the Timberwolves 'big 3' as majority of offense comes from beyond the arc. Warriors struggled last week against 3 point shooting so let’s see if they made any adjustments.
  • Tough loss against the hard fighting Grizzlies and it did expose a flaw in their team…rebounding. Nisan grabbed 15 of them. If Team Suthan wins here, they will likely have wrapped up a 3rd seed and fall into the Nuggets bracket.
  • 10/39 for the Big 3 of the Wolves as they struggled last week.
  • Ragu vs Amit will be a good matchup as both are scoring guard and they like to drive to the rack and absorb contact
  • Look for the Twolves to expose the Warriors 2-3 zone. Teams usually expose the opposite side of where Gopal resides. Athavan will be a huge factor in this one as he did have 6 and 6 in the last one.

6IXFAN Picks: Timberwolves
COMMISH Picks: Timberwolves