BLAZERS vs WARRIORS (written by BigBellyBaller)   

What a match up this will be! Warriors play with a lot of toughness while the blazers are more of a finesse team. If you look at the numbers, Blazers look to be the better team. However, let's break this down. Blazers biggest issue is the lack of size which is the Warriors strength. Gopal and Asok are a handful on the boards and it will take a full team effort to keep them off the glass. Blazers however are offensive juggernauts. They can shoot the 3 and they tend to move the ball a lot making defenses work extra hard.  Warriors bread and butter has been their zone defence. I just don't think it would be wise to play Blazers in a zone especially considering they are not strong on the boards and they got multiple shooters. Amit and Jeffrey will really need to step up the man defense (I'm expecting Warriors to go man) and contain MVP candidate NJ. You limit his production and you have a great chance to win this game. Blazers will need Annojh to be a little more aggressive with his drive and kicks to free up shooter Vijith. Speaking of the 3pt slinger, Vijith will also need to mix it up on offense and not just shoot the 3. Warriors will stay at home on him and make him drive.  Expect this game to be a battle of wills and it will probably come down to the final 4 minutes.  

BigBellyBaller Picks: WARRIORS 



The Grizzlies showcase the young phenom in Anthony while the Nuggets have a roster full of solid 2 way players. GM Ray will need to come up with a scheme to deal with Anthony and if they can limit him to a low percentage and a ton of shots then they should be fine. He will make some tough contested shots during the course of the game but you gotta live with it. Which of the role guys are going to step up for the Grizz is the key question. Nisan will have to be great defensively and secure all the loose balls while giving them some offence as well. The Nuggets have a ton of IQ and move the ball well but their shots have not been falling as consistently as they would like. Glenn and Sen are streaky and can get hot at any moment but let's see if they can come through in a pressure packed moment. Dwayne is the floor general and has put up impressive numbers all season long. He plays both ends of the floor and they will need him to be vocal and get the guys in the right spots especially defensively if they want to advance.   

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