As we approach the holiday break, I wanted to go over some important information in order to have the rest of the season run even more smoothly. We also have schedule info and a trade to discuss plus other news/notes so let's get right to it! 


Trade Deadline: December 17th @ Midnight  
Xmas Holiday Break: 
December 17th to Jan 5th
First Game After Break: January 6th @ 515pm
Cancelled Weeks: February 3rd (Superbowl) and Feb 17th (Family Day Long Weekend)
Playoffs Schedule: March 17th (Round 1), March 24th (Quarter-Finals), March 31st (Semi-Finals), April 7th (Finals)
All-Star Fest: April 14th, 2019


1. Substitutions:  All players must check in at the scorer's table when subbing into the game at all times! You are not allowed to sub in anymore without checking in and waiting for confirmation and failure to do so could result in tech's given by the refs. All players must sub out by the 5minute mark of EACH HALF or the opposition will be given 3 freethrows to shoot at halftime or end of the game! There will be zero tolerance going forward so please do not cost your team a victory by not adhering to these rules. Please only come to the scorer's table if you are willing to sub in on the next dead play and do not block the view of the stats keepers.

2. Personal Fouls:  Each player is only allowed 5 personal fouls. The 1 and 1 bonus occurs on the 6th team foul while double bonus would be on the 10th foul for each half. If there are only 5 eligible players and one fouls out, they will remain in the game but the opposition will be awarded 2 freethrows and the ball back. IF it is a bonus situation or a shooting foul; the opposition will be awarded two freethrows plus either the 1 and 1 or the 2 shot freethrows. It is a harsh penalty but teams should be aware of their personal foul count.

3. Away-From-The-Play Fouls:  Fouls that occur away from the ball in the LAST 2 MINS of the game and in OVERTIME will result in 2 freethrows and will retain possession. Even if it is a bonus situation the team will only get 2 freethrows and possession. This means you cannot foul a weak freethrow shooter if they do not have the ball in the last 2 mins/overtime without being penalized for it. For inbound situations, a defensive foul that occurs before the ball is released by the inbounder will result in an away-from-the-play foul and 2 freethrows plus possession will be awarded. 

4. Jersey Rule:  If you are missing your jersey top only, it will result in 4 freethrow attempts for the opposing team either before the game or at halftime. If you are missing your shorts only, it will result in 2 freethrow attempts for the opponent. If you are missing both then it will also just be 4 freethrows. 


- This season we will be recognizing an All-Defensive Team which will be made up of 5 players regardless of position. Plus there will be one Defensive Player of the Year who will be selected out of this group of 5. More info can be found under the 'About' tab and selecting 'History and Awards'.
- Referee's have been instructed to hand out technicals more frequently especially whenever they feel disrespected and to limit trash talking that is excessive. Let's remember that this is just a recreational league and everyone is here to have fun. 
- The top 4 seeds will get a bye into the Quarter-Finals. Teams ranked 5 to 12 will play in the first round of the playoffs. The last 3 teams will miss the playoffs entirely. The standings are decided by win % and then point differential for tiebreakers. 
- The GM's of the top 2 seeds will be the opposing coaches at the All-Star Team. They will select and manage the All-Stars on April 14th 2019.
- It is extremely important that you clean up your benches after each game and throw out any waterbottles/garbage. This also goes for garbage left on the bleachers. Please also double check that you have all your belongings before leaving the gym. 
- We are always looking for help at the scorer's table and appreciate anyone that could lend a hand for a game. It ensures everything is run even more smoothly.
- It is very important that you do not wear your outside shoes onto the court! Please always be mindful and have an indoor pair of ball shoes when you step onto the court. 


HORNETS send #9 Puvi Siva to the MAGIC and in return they get #5 Satish Manick

Analysis: We finally have our first trade during the final trading period of the season. GM Hari is reunited with his pal Satish who he initially tried to draft but was unable to. Better late than never though and now he gets someone who brings alot of IQ and hustle to his team. Puvi did the same thing for him but with the impending return of Nishan, they already had enough ball handlers. Satish will fit in seamlessly and his friendship/familiarity with some of the Hornets will fast track the chemistry. Meanwhile, Wilbert gets Puvi who will provide them with a solid defender and playmaker. After losing Sham Rajendra for the season with a knee injury, Wil needed a pure point guard and he was able to fill that need with this trade. Puvi is averaging over 4 assists per game and he can now try and create opportunities for Nick and Vasko. He and Vasko will also be hounding the other teams best guards so this trade made alot of sense for both teams.