Week 8 had some great games along with a couple blowouts. The standings are all bunched up especially in the lower half and we shall see which teams step up and separate themselves from the pack. Please do not forgot to clean up your benches after each game and throw out any garbage. Now let's get right to it. 

CAVALIERS vs SUNS:  The Suns were looking to bounce back after their horrible performance against the Magic. Abdul was held to a season low 7 points in that one but he responded in a big way in this one! He led the way with 23 points for his squad and shot 50% from the floor while Uma and Zanoon dropped 15 a piece as the trio were a handful in this one. They kept making timely buckets in this one and showed what they can do in transition when they get the rebound and run. The Cavs were missing Joseph who is one of their x-factors and they definitely needed that spark that he usually brings. Harrison did all he could dropping a season high 29 points as he was a unstoppable in the midrange and on the drives to the basket. Ainky hit 4 triples and finished with 18 but the supporting cast could not do enough to squeeze this victory out. PJ cleaned up on the boards with 14 and Jso made a couple nifty passes as the Suns got a whole team effort in this one. They are still one of the most dangerous teams in the league because of the versatility/size/speed they have and they will be a nightmare to face in the playoffs. Abdul has put together a great season thus far as he is 3rd in points per game, 10th in rebs/game, and 2nd in blocks per game!. The Cavs battled tough but now they will have a bye week to regroup and come back strong.

Final Score: Cavs 53 - 60 Suns           Player of the Game - ABDUL WAHEDI 23pts/6rebs/2asts -  50% shooting     

TIMBERWOLVES vs SIXERS:  The Timberwolves were short players again and missing a key piece in Manveer who has been m.i.a and they got beatdown in this game by the Sixers. Sixers were also shorthanded without LiShin and Arjun but they still put on a shooting clinic in this one. They went 27 for 54 in this game for 50% from the field which is amazing! Flash (Nirosan) had a huge game with 19/5/8 and 2 steals!! He showed off his playmaking skills in this game and this team will need that from him if they are going to make some noise. They got alot of ball handler/guards but Flash will need to find that balance between scoring and setting up teammates as he is one of the leaders of the team. Kevin made some acrobatic layups like he usually does and finished with 15. Even GM Rahul hit a couple shots and also had 7 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals! The Sixers needed a confidence boost after some tough losses and they hope to keep it going against the Raptors next game. The Twolves got a great effort from Trevor and Nick plus Suthan had a career high 5 points! but they are going to struggle without a full team so hopefully they can all get on the same page soon. 

Final Score: Twolves 42 - 67 Sixers           Player of the Game -  NIROSAN PRABA 19pts/5rebs/8asts/2stls/1to -  57% shooting - 3 Triples     

WARRIORS vs LAKERS:  This was the game of the night as the defending champs took on a hungry Lakers squad. It was a closely fought battle and everytime it looked like the Lakers offence was struggling...Usamah rescued them with a huge triple everytime as he went 5 for 6 from deep!. The Lakers dominated the boards and had 19 offensive boards in this one!!. They can rebound and guard which will keep them in most of the games and they just have to somehow make some timely shots to win some games which they did in this one against a tough Warriors squad. Jenush and Usamah were in foul trouble early on which limited them but the rest of the players played with energy and hustle throughout the game. Amit led the way for the Dubs with 15 and made some tough 'and1' shots like he normally does. Usamah fouled out on a reach in against Amit in the late stages and he walked to the bench yelling f**k out loud a bunch of times but GM Somi did a great job telling him...to 'shut the f**k up' so that he would not pick up another technical (he had one earlier). Somi will have to take Usi to anger management classes during the week so that he will be okay on Sundays. Bahee got the chance to win it on a post up against Jenush but the turnaround just missed and now the Lakers have a shot to win it with 3.2 seconds left. Rogan is the inbounder out of the timeout and he makes a great pass to Vinoth cutting to the basket and he was immediately fouled on the jump shot by Gopal! Great work by Vinoth to make the move to cut towards the basket while giving Rogan an angle to pass to him and it paid off big time. He hits the first freethrow which seals it for the Lakeshow. Huge f**king win.

Final Score: Warriors 38 - 39 Lakers           Player of the Game -  USAMAH SIDDIQI 19pts/4rebs/5asts/2stls -  63.5% shooting - 5 Triples     

RAPTORS vs HAWKS:  The Hawks came out with a great first half and played some solid defence on the Raps. They know how big these games are and they showed it early on. The Raps finally got their shots to drop in the 2nd half as Louie hit some long range bombs (4 of them) and they kept fighting to make things interesting. Nirsan played a heck of a game once again as he dropped 18/13/4 and chipped in 4stls!! In the end it was Sam though who stole the show and made some big time triples to seal the game for the Hawks! He has scored in double figures in 3 straight games now and the former 6th man of the year has stepped up to help turn things around for the Hawk. They are now in the thick of it for the last couple playoff spots as four teams are tied with 2 wins a piece including the Raptors who lose another close game. They now have lost 5 games all within 4 points which is some tough luck! They will look to turn it around against the Sixers this Sunday. The Hawks get the Lakers in what will be an important game for both clubs.

Final Score: Raptors 46 - 50 Hawks           Player of the Game -  SAM ISKANDER 15pts/1stl -  55.5% shooting - 3 Triples     

Written by: Kisho (Commissioner)

HEAT vs PISTONS:  We got to see two powerhouses go head to head with the ground and pound Heat led by Milton versus Sugee's I mean Sanjoo's Pistons. In the 1st half, I watched the Heat slow down the pace and get the ball down into Milton who used his power moves to easily make mince meat of any Pistons big. While the Heat used a power game, the Pistons used the outside/inside game as Kris hit 5 3’s which opened up the lanes for him to drive. The Heat we up 24-21 at halftime. In the second half, things went back and forth. Ed hit a couple of baskets as he was fantastic in this one with 15 points but then Kris would come down and score almost everytime. The downfall of the Heat was the failure of the long time Billal holdovers, Jeron and Fasel, to make plays or even to score the ball in critical situations. Down the stretch with all the attention of the defense on Kris, Sanjoo stepped up and hit some clutch triples. He had to hit those with Manish leaving the game early with an ankle injury and he was the only other guy able to space the floor in this one. Cameron did the best he could with 9 rebounds and 2 points as he was trying to slow down Milton. Down the stretch the Pistons took control with Kris making some smooth shots as he used his dribble effectively to create space between him and the defender. He had the crowd buzzing as he willed his team to victory and ended up with 37 points!!!. Heat waste a 22 point 18 rebound effort from Milton.

Final Score: Heat 50 - 54 Pistons           Player of the Game -  KRISOTH GNANENTHRA 37pts/6rebs/1ast/4stls/1blk -  61% shooting - 5 Triples     

HORNETS vs MAGIC:  For Captain Hari, he withstood the tough schedule without his franchise player (Nishan) but he finally made his debut against the surging Magic. The Magic are built on an all rookie team plus GM Wilbert and they are playing hungry and scrappy taking on the demeanour of their oldest player Puvi who Is guiding them to the right spots. Baki has benefitted greatly from the trade and he has been playing with a defined role and in this game he was everywhere scoring 18 points and 10 rebounds plus a bunch of other goodies. It was a see-saw battle to start and Asok, Hari and Sen scored 12, 8 and 9 points respectively but could not stop the Magic on the other side. Turnovers were a big problem with most of them coming from Nishan himself but you could excuse him as he had to shake off alot of rust. The Hornets will need him to get to full speed soon if they want to make some noise this season. The Magic outrebounded the Hornets 30-20 and that is based purely on hustle just by looking at the size of Magic. Vasko was terrific on defence like always and the Magic are showing us that they are for real as they have another blowout win and look to be in a control a top 4 seed which will secure them a spot a in quarter finals. We also got to witness a first ETBL basket by "Witness" who obviously wore a 'witness' t-shirt to the gym today...everything going right for Wilbert who is firmly in the lead for GM of the Year. 

Final Score: Hornets 34 - 57 Magic           Player of the Game - BAKI KARUNANITHI 18pts/10rebs/3asts/2stls/2blk -  50% shooting    

Written by: 6IXFAN