Written by: 'BUBBA BUCKETS'

So this is it..it all comes down to 1 game...winner takes all...first off let me say what a crazy season it has been! We've had probably the tightest standings in league history. There were about legit 4 to 6 Contenders for the Championship and a ton of talent that came through this years draft to make it the most competitive season yet! Kudos to all the teams this year...yes even your team Suthan!  

Warriors vs Pistons

The Warriors are battle tested and are the defending champs. They've been here before and history is definitely on their side. However, I do not think the Warriors have faced such a major scoring threat as Kris. Kris puts a ton of pressure on your defense and he will more than likely get his buckets.  For the Pistons, hats off to a tremendous season and playoff run so far! Sugee I'm sure is ecstatic as most would have never penciled this team to go to the finals.  Let's be clear, the Pistons want to shock the league and they aren’t settling for second place. Expect a hungry Kris and company to come out strong from the tip. Pistons will need to move the ball and everyone on Motor City needs to step up. They can't just be hoping for Kris to bail them out. As great as Kris is he could still get 40+ but lose if he doesn't get any contribution from Manish, Cam, Sugee, and Sanjoo. Expect the Warriors to put a ton of pressure on the other guys forcing Kris to maybe go more ISO ball. The Warriors will need to control the boards and tempo of this game. If they do that then it's simple...Warriors repeat! For the Pistons...push the ball, get out and run, and have the other guys not named Kris make some buckets. This is going to be a battle of wills, trash talk (Bahee and Sugee) and high energy. You do not want to miss this! All goes down this Sunday, April 7th @ 6pm at Logos Centre. 


BUBBA BUCKETS: Pistons by 2

COMMISSIONER: Warriors by 5