ETBL implements a combination of Highschool (Federation and NBA rules based on the talent and skill set of the current players in the league.  Rules can be amended/changed at the discretion of the commissioner at anytime!  


ALL games will begin according to schedule. Teams with less than 5 players will forfeit the game 25-0. Teams cannot bring in ringers/fillers for any game. There is a 5 min warmup generally and games will start at 9:05pm if the time slot available is scheduled for 9 to 10pm. Time will start running after 9:05pm and thus players will be wasting their own playing time if they are not punctual. GMs are responsible for their teams’ contact info and attendance and there will be no bending of the rules.

  • There will be a 1 minute break between halves. The time-keeper will set his stop watch for 1 min. This is also up to the Refs' and Commish's discretion if time is running short.
  • Each team will generally consist of an 8 man roster, including three subs. Some exceptions can be made for either 7 man or 9 man. Games will be played on a 5 on 5 basis and substitutions can happen anytime during dead ball/foul situations and referee discretion.  A team can ONLY officially sub in when the Referee announces it. 
  • Regular Season will consist of two 19 minute halves. During the Season the 1st half will NOT have any stoppages and the ONLY stoppage during the 2nd half will be in the last 2 minutes if the game is within 6.  As for the playoffs, there will be stoppages in the last 4mins of the game if the game is within 10. It will be two 20 minute halves in the playoffs (time could be shortened if there are any delays). Semi-Finals and Finals are eligible for an increase in game time. 
  • Top 16 teams will make the playoffs and the standings will be determined by run differential. If there is a tie in run differential it will next be determined by head to head record and lastly by total points scored if no head to head exists. The only exception to this rule is if EXACTLY 2 teams are tied for the final playoff spot (16th and 17th place) then we will use head to head record between them to determine who gets into the playoffs and if they did not play each other we would use run differential. For example if 16th, 17th, and 18th place are tied then we only use run differential. Or if 15th, 16th, 17th are tied we use only run differential since it is more than 2 teams tied for the last spots. 
  • In case of Over Time (OT), there will be 1 OT half consisting of 2 minutes.  There will be a tip-off to see who gets possession.  No additional time outs are awarded in OT during regular season.  Fouls and time out situations are an extension of the second half. If both scores remain the same after OT, both teams will be credited with a tie. You get an additional timeout in the playoffs for OT.  
  • You have 8 Seconds to get the ball across half-court, otherwise possession goes to the opposing team. Also the Over and Back Rule Applies.
  • Shots that go over the backboard are ruled out of bounds even if it doesn't touch the structure and possession will change hands.
  • Shots that get stuck in the basket or wedged between the rim and backboard will go to team with possession arrow. 
  • The 30 second shot clocks will be used throughout the game.  Change of possession or ball hitting the rim will result in shot clock reseting to 30 seconds as well shooting fouls.  On non-shooting fouls, the clock must be at 14 seconds or less for it to reset back to 30.  This applies to kick balls/technicals/delay of game.  Otherwise the clock will continue from where it was stopped (15 to 30 seconds).       
  • Only the Offensive 3 Seconds in the Key applies
  • One 30 second Time-Out in the 1st half and One 30 second Time-Out in the 2nd half. Unused Time-Out from 1st half can be carried over to the 2nd! The Refs/stats keepers are going to be extremely strict about the 30 second Time-Out in order to avoid any time being wasted.
  • Every Player on the Team MUST SUB OFF AT LEAST ONCE EACH HALF and GM's have been notified to stress this point out to the team.  It does not matter how long you sub off for as long as you do itPLAYERS WILL HAVE TO INDICATE TO THE SCORER'S TABLE THAT THEY HAVE SUBBED OFF and the stats keeper will check off your name.  The final decision on any dispute or issues with substitutions not being done will be settled by the stats keeper.  This will be essential in allowing fair play for everyone!!!
  • If a player arrives after the halfway point of either half (10min mark), the whole team does not need to sub off.  Just the late player needs to get subbed in unless there is less than 2mins in the half in which case he will just sit off for the current half.  
  • At the End of each half , if it is discovered that all subs were not done correctly, then for every player that did not sub off, the opposing team will be granted 4 FTs in total! (does not apply if the team in question loses the game and subs were not made in the 2nd half)
  • Any player lost due to a season long injury or other personal reasons can be replaced by an alternate at the Commissioner's discretion. Overall team talent will be taken into consideration when assessing replacement players skill. For example, if a team does not have a first round player they can replace the lost player with one if it is deemed that overall talent is not sufficient to compete. No player can be replaced after the 7th game of the season. Only exception would be if you are adding a late round player to your squad in because of injuries and to avoid forfeiting.   
  • Off-court encouragement is allowed but no negativity please.  There is a zero tolerance policy on fighting/assaulting referees/players.  Automatic 2 game suspension will be handed out for fighting (even if just a swing/punch is thrown).  A second incident would result in getting kicked out of the league with no money back.  We are here to have fun and although any form of competition sometimes gets players heated, there is no room for physical abuse of an individual.  You are only costing yourself and your team with suspensions which are not appealable.  Let's respect the game and the players at the same time!
  • At the Referee's sole discretion, any player may be required to remove jewelry deemed unsafe feel for play.  Failure to comply could result in a suspension and game forfeit.

Every season GMs will be selected either by the Commissioner or through volunteers who are capable of the role, or simply through the recommendation of the previous GMs. 

The Championship team will be able to defend their title if allowed by the Commissioner for the next season.  Any player who does not return from the Championship team will get a draft pick in return to select a new player.  The round in which the draft pick falls will be determined by the rank of the player who is not returning and will be slotted in the round with an opening.  The categories for players are Franchise, First Rounder, Early Rounder (2 or 3), Mid Rounder (4 or 5), or Late Rounder (6,7,8). The Championship team can only win back to back championships before having to retire.      


  • Each team will have 5 Team Fouls (non shooting fouls) per half but on the 6th foul, teams will be awarded Free Throws (one and one) . 5 fouls on a player and he is ejected from the game!
  • If the team only has 5 players remaining on the court when the 5th personal foul occurs, then the player will be allowed to remain in the game but the opposing team will be awarded two free throws and possession only regardless of if they are in the bonus or not. Any player on the team can shoot the freethrows. 
  • Fouls that occur away from the ball in the LAST 2 MINS of the game and in OVERTIME will result in 2 freethrows and will retain possession. Even if it is a bonus situation the team will only get 2 freethrows and possession. This means you cannot foul a weak freethrow shooter if they do not have the ball in the last 2 mins/overtime without being penalized for it. For inbound situations, a defensive foul that occurs before the ball is released by the inbounder will result in an away-from-the-play foul and 2 freethrows plus possession will be awarded. 
  • However due to time restraints, the clock does NOT stop during the 1st half. The clock will ONLY stop in the last two minutes of the 2nd half for FT’s if the game within 6.  If free-throws push the score to a difference of 7 or more, then we will wait until the free throws are done before starting the clock.  The only other time when the clock will stop is when a Time-Out is called or according to the referee’s discretion.
  • Teams will be penalized 4 FT's for every player that is not in uniform (2 FT's if only shorts are missing) after all players have officially received their jerseys. This will take place during the 1 minute break between halves or before the game.  Only exception is if a jersey is on order for a particular player due to a trade or other unforeseen circumstances.
  • If a player is fouled and the team that committed the foul has less than 5 fouls, then the foul counts and the offensive team claims possession. No FT’s allotted.
  • If a player is fouled and the team that committed the foul has 5 fouls or more, then the offensive team will go to the line to shoot 'single bonus' free throws (one and one).  1 free throw, plus another if the first is successful is awarded on the 6th, 7th and 8th and 9th foul of each half; the penalty is increased to two shots on the 10th and subsequent fouls; overtime is an extension of the second half. 
  • Clear path fouls if determined by the refereee will result in 2 freethrows and possession of the ball regardless of whether it is a bonus situation or not. This applies to 'unsportsmanlike' or 'unsporting' fouls as well
  • Fouls are completely at the referees’ discretion.  Treat the referee's with respect and talk to them during stoppages or after the game and voice your opinion but wasting time arguing/yelling uncontrollably during the game will not get you anywhere.  Even though these are certified refs, everyone is prone to missing calls and they need to be treated like human beings so approach/talk to them in a non-aggressive manner.  They do have the right to T-Up anyone at anytime for reasons they feel are valid.
  • Refs have the discretion to call Delay of Game and allot 1 basket to the opposing team (if necessary). However, the possession will go back to the team that had the ball prior to that call.
  • If you have 2 T's in a game, you are going to sit off that entire game and are expected to exit the gym. This will only affect your game for that particular night. Your team will be expected to play with the remaining (legal) roster for that night.  IF the 2 T's results in having less than 5 players on the court, then the team would forfeit the game.
  • If a team gets 6 Techs (which means three players with 2 T’s each)...they automatically forfeit their game as well for the night and suffer a 25-0 loss in points’ differential, regardless of the match results and scores.
  • Technical fouls will function as follows: Once the play finishes (for example FTs), the Opposing team (the team that didn't get T'd up) shoots 1 free throw AND gets possession REGARDLESS of who had the ball prior to the call.


In order to avoid the “Double U’s” (Unethical and Unfair Trades), no trade is considered to be valid without the approval of the Commissioner***

  • Trade deadline is at always at Midnight. So if the deadline is on the the 1st, the expiration time will be at 12am on the 1st.
  • All Trades and Draft picks must compliment each other. For example, if you want to trade 1 player off your team, then you can ONLY pick-up 1 player from the other team. You can’t trade a superstar and expect 2 or 3 players in exchange.
  • Trades have to be with teams that have a difference of +/- 1 for total games played. This ensures a player does not lose on more than one game for the season. For example, if you have 5 games played as a team then you can trade with a team that has played 4,5, or 6 games so far. 
  • A player can only be traded twice after draft day (starting the next day after draft night) if a new new jersey/shorts does not have to be ordered and the games played is satisfactory with the above rule. 
  • Players that got traded for each other would just exchange jerseys. Trades where a new jersey must be ordered because of size differences there will be a fee of 20$ for each jersey ordered (GM's that made the trade can split this amount if only one jersey is necessary to be ordered). The league will satisfy the rest of the fee for the jerseys. 
  • *If a player is out for the season with an injury and payment has been satisfied by the player or team then the roster could contain only 7 players